DAY TWO: J.D. Gator Bowl Diary

JACKSONVILLE - From Tommy Bowden on television to the night life in Jacksonville- James Davis checks in with for his daily diary.

It's become a yearly tradition at the James Davis' bowl week diary. And once again this year, Clemson's main man in the backfield has agreed to take you behind the scenes one last time. Every day in Jacksonville, as the Tigers continue preparations for Nebraska, J.D. will chronicle his trip and what takes place both on and off the practice fields.

DAY TWO - Practice today was physical. It was a lot different than yesterday. We kind of stuck it to the defense today. But they are always tough. All the coaches were out there bouncing around after the big block I got on Kavell [Conner]. We've been looking real good so far.

Last night we went to the Adventure Landing. We had fun. Me and C.J. were in the batting cage hitting a lot of fast balls. Even Coach Swinney. You wouldn't believe it but he can hit a 95 mile per hour fastball. I mean I really couldn't believe it.

Most of the guys were over there yelling at him making noise. It was a lot of fun.

A lot of guys were playing putt-putt golf. They can't play. I didn't even go over there. We also played laser tag and we had a lot of fun. I was surprised we had enough energy doing that but I did. Once I got around doing it- it was a lot of fun.

After that we went out to the Landing. We went to Hooters. Again. That seems to be a popular spot over there for the guys. As I was walking by I ended up going in and eating and watching the Florida State game. That was a good game.

That game was real close at the beginning and then I couldn't believe how they had everything working by the end. I was excited for Drew Weatherford for him to get back in the game there at the end- especially for that to happen in the state of Florida. That was good. And then to see Coach Bowden toss his hat into the stands- that was funny.

We stayed in there for a little while then I went back and changed clothes and went out to some night clubs where they have some live music playing. That was fun. Ended up dancing with a couple of girls, so you know, that was fun.

It would mean a lot for me to get that rushing record. When I first came to Clemson my dream was, 'how can I get my name up on that stadium?' I figured if I could get this rushing record that would probably help. I see Jeff Davis' name up there all the time and I've always thought that would be the best way to get my name beside his.

Oh yeah, we saw Coach [Tommy] Bowden on television yesterday. We were on the bus when we first saw him and I told everybody to be quiet. Everybody was like, 'well he still talks the same.' He had on that orange tie- it was a Clemson tie so that was really good to see. If you looked at it real close you could see the white paws on there.

It was good to see Coach Bowden.

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