DAY THREE: J.D. Gator Bowl Diary

JACKSONVILLE - From Tommy Bowden on television to the night life in Jacksonville- James Davis checks in with for his daily diary.

It's become a yearly tradition at the James Davis' bowl week diary. And once again this year, Clemson's main man in the backfield has agreed to take you behind the scenes one last time. Every day in Jacksonville, as the Tigers continue preparations for Nebraska, J.D. will chronicle his trip and what takes place both on and off the practice fields.

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DAY TWO: James Davis Gator Bowl Diary

DAY THREE - Practice went really good today. It was kind of light today but it was hard work.

Last night we got back to the hotel and got some rest and then me and C.J. drove down to Lake Butler to his hometown and ate dinner with the family and played with his daughter.

Then we went over to the high school and he gave me a little history lesson. It was a lot of fun.

I knew since day one when he first came to Clemson there was something special between me and C.J.

Me, all my life, I never had to share the ball with nobody ... I had always been the man but when you look at a great guy like C.J., who came from the same kind of a family with a single mom and he has a kid- that says a lot about a guy like that who's able to do what he does.

You just have to sit back and watch him sometimes.

We both are striving for the same goal- to make it on the next level so we can provide our families with better lives.

As far as the next level goes, I like the Browns. I grew up an Atlanta Falcons fan but they have two backs so forget about them. Tampa Bay- I like Florida. That would be a good place to go but I'm the type of back that would do good in the north.

I've had a great career at Clemson. Thinking back, I always will remember that Georgia Tech game in 2006 when me and C.J. kind of brought out the Thunder and Lightning. We just pounded the ball and C.J. did that little move on the sideline and then we went up through the crowd to get on ESPN's GameDay. That was big.

That right there is one of the things I'll remember. If I meet somebody now and they don't know me I'll tell them to go you YouTube and type in James Davis and ESPN to watch that.

The rivalry is something I'll remember. The South Carolina fans would always say, "We've got the real [Mike] Davis here!" That will always stand out to me because I was like, 'they are really for real down here.'

I never knew fans were that crazy over players until I came to Clemson. In high school they were always classy. Even on the road. But when it came down to the last games against South Carolina and their fans were always like that, I was like, 'wow.'

We are going to the hospital now for an hour or so and speak to the kids and sign some autographs. I think me and C.J. and Aaron Kelly and some other guys are going. It's always good to do that so it should be another good day down here.

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