DAY FOUR: J.D. Gator Bowl Diary

JACKSONVILLE - "I can't lie to y'all. I probably walked by Hooters again yesterday," Davis says.

It's become a yearly tradition at the James Davis' bowl week diary. And once again this year, Clemson's main man in the backfield has agreed to take you behind the scenes one last time. Every day in Jacksonville, as the Tigers continue preparations for Nebraska, J.D. will chronicle his trip and what takes place both on and off the practice fields.

DAY FOUR- The hospital trip yesterday was really good. A lot of the people there knew us and that was fun. But it was really fun being around the kids.

After that we went to the mall after that and were playing video games and stuff like that- me and Jacoby and C.J.

It felt really good out there today for practice. It was the end. Now it's time to get ready for the game and that's what I've been preparing for.

The last two bowl games were kind of disappointing so I think we are ready. We are focused. There hasn't been quite as much to do here, like in Atlanta and I think that helps with our focus overall. I really think that will help us.

With C.J., we've been talking, you know.

I kind of look at my situation last year. I told him to make the best decision for himself but at the same time you want to think about what you are going to because it's real life outside of this. I kind of got into real life after I declared and it was like, after you work out there really isn't much to do.

I told him I just wanted to come back and have at Clemson and hang around the guys again. I wasn't worried about the money or anything like that and that's why I came back.

I made the right decision to come back, you know. We'll probably talk about it again tonight when we go back down to his home town and hang out with his family.

I can't lie to y'all. I probably walked by Hooters again yesterday. Actually, I did go to Hooters yesterday. I just saw the same guys in there and I told them, 'I see you guys in here everyday.' They probably met a friend or something in there. Pretty funny.

After the bowl game, I'm probably going to go back home and spend some time with the family. I'll probably start working out on that Tuesday. On Jan. 6 I think. I'll be headed down to Pensacola. Me and Cullen are going to the same place down there I think.

Then we've got the Senior Bowl after that but I'll take a few days off after the game Thursday before I start getting back into it.

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