Move-In Day for J.K. Jay

Four-star offensive lineman J.K. Jay's high school career is officially over as Monday is move-in day at Clemson!

OL J.K. Jay Profile

The day has finally arrived for future J.K. Jay to move to Clemson. Before he left home Sunday night the four-star standout took time to speak with

"Oh man, I can taste it. It has been a long four years," he said. "I have always dreamed of doing this. How blessed to be able to live my childhood dream. I remember when I was four or five I didn't know anything about football, but I would tell my dad that I wanted to run down that hill one day and play at Clemson. It is such a blessing.

"It brings tears to my eyes when I have private time at home and we talk about how my dreams are coming true. It is so special to me. I get all choked up."

What did he do his last few days at home?

"It has been great," he said. "I have been spending time with good friends from home and my church. I went hunting on the Enoree River. I got a few ducks. I have just been soaking it all in and enjoying time with my family and friends."

The prize recruit did take time to watch the Tigers play in the Gator Bowl.

"I thought Clemson played with a lot of heart. The defense was really hitting people," he said. "They were playing what I remember as Clemson football. It got me fired up seeing them play like the Clemson I know and love. They were playing with a passion and not wanting to lose."

The Under-Armour All American didn't get to enjoy the All American experience because of a slight shoulder injury he suffered during the Shrine Bowl. How hard has it been not being at the Under Armour All American game?

"It has been a challenge," Jay replied. "It has been hard, but I have to understand it wasn't in God's plan. His plan was for me to stay home. I trust him with everything. Something good will come out of it. I may not know what it is know, but I will one day."

Jay will move into his apartment at Clemson on Monday.

"I am moving up tomorrow. My mom, dad, three of my buddies from church and David Smith are going to help me," said Jay. "I will be rooming with Malliciah. He is not moving in until next weekend."

What are his main goals this spring?

"My main goal is to keep God as my focus," he said. "I want to bust my butt in the weight room and in the classroom. I want to go beyond everything they ask me to do. I want to do everything I can on the field and in the classroom to glorify God." Top Stories