5-Star QB Will Visit Clemson

Why does five-star QB Tajh Boyd have a Clemson poster on his wall? Will he visit Clemson this weekend? CUTigers has the latest.

QB Tajh Boyd Profile

Five-star quarterback Tajh Boyd won a share of the offensive MVP award in Saturday's U.S. Army All American game where he set a record for the most passing yardage.

Monday evening, he talked with CUTigers.com about his experience.

"It was great," Boyd told CUTigers.com. "I got to work with a lot of quality players. It was a great experience. I have never seen so much talent on the field. It was the closest thing to college."

Two Clemson verbal commitments spent the week working Tajh to get him to join them in Tigertown.

"Rod is a quick guy," he said. "He is going to be a good player at Clemson. Malliciah was there. They were both working me for Clemson pretty hard."

As reported by CUTigers last week, the Clemson coaching staff is making a push to get Boyd on campus for an official visit.

Are they have any success?

According to Boyd, indeed they are.

"I have actually been hearing from Clemson for a couple of weeks," Boyd said. "I will definitely visit Clemson. I only have one left so I am trying to figure out when. I will either come to Clemson for an official or an unofficial.

"I have also been talking to Michigan a little bit, but we will have to see about that situation.

"I would like to take the official visit this weekend if I could. I want to make my decision as soon as I can so I can help recruit," Boyd told CUTigers.
"I would like to take the official visit this weekend if I could. I want to make my decision as soon as I can so I can help recruit."

Clemson assistant coach Billy Napier and Danny Pearman are coming to visit with Boyd on Monday night.

"Coach Napier is coming tonight. He is bringing another coach with him. I am not sure who the other coach is," said Boyd.

The visit to Clemson won't be the first visit to Tigertown.

"I went to visit when I was eight. I have a poster on my wall signed by Tommy Bowden. It says ‘Keep working hard, go Tigers.'"

Tajh's father shared the story of his son's first visit to Clemson.

"When he was in the eighth grade we stopped by Clemson on way back from Virginia," Mr. Boyd told CUTigers. "We stopped at a gas station off the interstate and saw the paw prints on the road. I asked the lady how far it was to Clemson and she said it was right down the road. I told my wife we should stop by and see Death Valley."

Mr. Boyd continued on ...

"We went down to the stadium. It was hard to see until we went around a hill. It is amazing how big it is, but is sits down between those hills. We saw some of the players out there practicing for spring practice and we walked up and asked where we could find out about camp.

"We went up to the coaches' offices. When we went in that door all of a sudden we see all of these trophies in front of our faces. My son was amazed. The lady inside asked if we had some time to look around and said as a matter of fact if coach Bowden is around we will let you meet him. We just came to see the stadium and we got all of this. It was great.

"We got to see the weight room and all of the facilities. As we were getting ready to leave she ran up and said coach Bowden was in his office. I am tripping. We got to meet him. He signed some posters for my son's. Tajh had a football and he signed that. Tajh still has that poster hanging on his wall today."

After spending time growing up in Georgia, the Tigers are somewhat familiar to the Boyd family.

"Clemson is the closest thing to an SEC, but they are in the ACC. They have a good academic program. I know they have struggled lately, but things are heading in the right direction," said Boyd.

Playing time will be critical to Boyd's college selection.

"I want a chance to play early. I know Willy Korn had shoulder surgery and he is coming back from that. I know that Kyle Parker may end up playing baseball," said Boyd.

Boyd, a former West Virginia commitment and a former Tennessee commitment as well, has eliminated those schools from consideration and is now looking at Clemson, Michigan, Ohio State and Oregon.

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