Thursday Shrine Bowl Scouting Report

Practice for the South Carolina squad moved over to Lancaster today, and has you covered with another outstanding practice report by one of our very own members. An indepth look at some of the biggest recruits, including insight on OL Eric Young, OL Marion Dukes, QB Brandon Sims, and DL Ryan Brown.

Sergio Gilliam
First, he definitely has the speed. He also has good height but needs to add some weight. His legs looked thin, but his coverage skills were very impressive. He was the only cornerback to get an interception which came on a goal line drill where he intercepted a pass in the endzone. He also had another great play where he stayed right with Terrell Allen and knocked away a long pass.

Eric Young
I saw him flatten a defensive lineman at least five times. This guy is simply incredible. Interestingly enough, as several of the players walked by a fence to go to the practice field a kid (probably about 8) held up a sign with a big Tiger paw that said "We need you Big E". Eric had a big smile when he saw that sign.

Rodney Kinlaw
Stratford's Rodney Kinlaw continue to show his speed today as he continually got to the corner with ease. He continued to build on a strong practice from yesterday and looked impressive.

Terrell Allen
I came away very impressed with Terrell Allen. He had the best catch of the afternoon as he laid out for a 45-yard completion. Overall, he looked very good in today's practice. I was concerned as Allen came up limping after one pass route, but he appeared to be fine. The Tigers can't go wrong with either him or Noah Whiteside.

Marion Dukes
Dukes did not play much in the drills today. I'm not sure if he was fighting an injury or simply was getting called on with the first team.

Ryan Brown
He played defensive end and tight end the entire practice. Not once did I see him at linebacker. He looked good on the defensive line but not as good as Anthony McDaniel. Simply put- that kid (McDaniel) is an outright monster.

Brandon Sims
Sims looks very talented and I could definitely see him making a big impact at wide receiver or in the secondary at the collegiate level. Clemson has shown some interest, but might be more inclined to offer after a big week of practice with some of the top players in the state. Top Stories