Whiteside Names Clemson

Greenville Red Raider Noah Whiteside enjoyed himself at the Shrine Bowl this past week, but after being around several Clemson commitments, the tide looks like it may have turned in the Tigers' direction. Details on Noah's top in-state school are contained in this report.

The South Carolina Sandlappers lost to North Carolina in the Shrine Bowl in Rock Hill on Saturday, and for many players, the game culminated a nice week of practice in the Rock Hill area.

For Noah Whiteside, he really enjoyed getting to know some of the other players in South Carolina.

"It was a great time, there's was a lot of competition at practice it went real well. We didn't really throw the ball a lot during practice, so I wouldn't say that I had the opportunity to improve or anything, but it was great being here," said Whiteside.

The Sandlappers struggled moving the football Saturday afternoon, in part due to an incredible pass rush by N.C. State verbal commitment Mario Williams and in part due to the Sandlappers' lack of putting the ball in the air.

"I think we should have passed the ball more, but it just didn't happen today. We really didn't throw that much in practice either though, so it wasn't a surprise," added Noah Whiteside.

As far as recruiting goes, one team has started making a serious push for his services. Who is it?

"It seemed like everybody on the team was trying to get me go Clemson, it was crazy," added Whiteside. "A lot more of the guys on the team seem like they will be going to Clemson, so of course that has an effect on me."

So who would be the favorite between Clemson and South Carolina right now?

"I'd say Clemson is right now. Things can change quickly though and I wouldn't be surprised if it did between now and Signing Day a couple of times, but right now I would favor Clemson over Carolina."

CUTigers Notes:
Whiteside was very frustrated that the ball wasn't wasn't put up in the air a little more on Saturday, and rightfully so. Even though the North Carolina defense was in the backfield more times than not, he hardly had a ball thrown his way all day long.

Whiteside went on record with a "Clemson lean," there is no arguing that. Marion Dukes and Jad Dean both commented beforehand that they thought he might be leaning towards the Tigers, and then Noah confirmed that in a later interview on the field.

That being said, Noah did indicate to me that things could change at anytime for him, just like they have in the past. While the Tigers have the slight edge now, there is still plenty of work to be done. We will continue to keep you updated on Mr. Whiteside right up until signing day.

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