Gaddis is Clemson All the Way

C.J. Gaddis had to make an interesting transistion Saturday afternoon in Rock Hill. The Hoke County star, who is being recruited as the Tigers' lone quarterback in the 2003 class, spent the day as a running back for North Carolina in the Shrine Bowl. Hear what he had to say about it in this report.

C.J. Gaddis was in unfamiliar territory Saturday afternoon at District 3 Stadium. With All-American Chris Leak calling the shots at quarterback for the North Carolina squad, the coaching staff thought Gaddis might get the ball more as a running back.

Apparently, they thought wrong, as the Raeford, North Carolina star didn't touch the ball more than 5 times on the afternoon.

"They said they were trying to get me the ball on the outside with some screen passes and things like that. They were trying to get me isolated out there, but it didn't really happen. To me the most important thing is that we won. It's just a honor to be here," said Gaddis.

Gaddis was actually inserted in at quarterback on 3rd and short midway through the 2nd quarter, but he was hit almost immediately after taking the snap for a loss. He would add two more rushing attempts later in the game for minimal yardage.

"They let some of the other guys run the "iso," and they were trying to get me more on the outside, but I guess it didn't work. Like I said though, we won and that's all the matters today," added Gaddis.

Just like some of the other top recruits on both teams, Gaddis spent a good deal of time talking to other players about Clemson, just as those players would talk to him about their respective schools.

"I pretty much talked to everybody out on the team, not just the big names like Chris Leak or Mike Mason," said Gaddis. "It really surprised me how well everybody on the team got along and we all bonded."

"I'm not sure how successful I was," the senior quarterback added with a big laugh. "I'm not much of a recruiter I guess, but I know there are a lot of guys on the South Carolina side that are thinking about Clemson."

"For me, it's Clemson right now and it will be Clemson all the way up until Signing Day. I'm just really looking forward to getting down there." Top Stories