Shrine Bowl Insider

Today we take a look at all the big names in Saturday's Shrine Bowl, including Terrell Allen, Chris Leak, Mike Mason, Mario Williams, Sergio Gilliam, Brandon Sims, Eric Young, Marion Dukes, and Ko Simpson. All the scoop you need, right here in one place!

QB C.J. Gaddis
C.J. Gaddis didn't have the chance to show his stuff Saturday even though that didn't seem to bother him too much. He looked smooth during pregame warm ups but only had a 3-4 carries by the 4th quarter. He's grown taller and stockier than what he was listed at back in the summer and that makes him even more impressive, provided he can keep his quickness. Gaddis always looks at the bright side and was just happy that his team one. He's a true team player and a Clemson lock.

QB Eric McCollum
His stock dropped a little this week, although he didn't have a split second to throw the ball due to the overall speed of the North Carolina defense. The latest scoop on McCollum has him going to play for head coach Jim Grobe and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, which is really a perfect fit for him and Wake Forest. Interesting side note, the Shrine Bowl program had him listed under a 170 pounds.

WR Noah Whiteside
Noah was frustrated that the Sandlapper's didn't put the ball in the air very much. It was clear that he felt like the team had didn't put their best foot forward. He's a smooth operator but it he just didn't get the opportunities Saturday. As reported earlier, he currently favors the Tigers slightly over South Carolina.

RB Rodney Kinlaw
Kinlaw continued to show elusiveness and played hard even when his team was trailing by 3 touchdowns. He took a number of solid hits yet kept plugging away. Judging from what we saw on the field today, he'd make the perfect back in the spread offense. Good hands, great speed, and has the ability to make people miss.

WR Terrell Allen
Terrell Allen had a very polished look about him. He almost had one touchdown reception but he couldn't hang on as he fell down in the corner of the endzone. He made another leaping reception right before the end of the first half in which he fell just a few yards short of the goal line. Time ran out on the play and the Sandlappers' missed another golden opportunity to put points on the board. Allen announced his commitment to Pittsburgh to Scott Kennedy after the Shrine Bowl.

PK Jad Dean
Two words about Jad Dean, "monster leg." His only action of the day was on the kickoff to open the second half. The ball easily cleared the endzone, just as most of his kicks did during pregame warm-ups. A solid Clemson commitment and easily the top place-kicker in South Carolina this year.

CB Sergio Gilliam
Sergio played strong at cornerback all afternoon, and played it well. In fact, North Carolina quit throwing the ball in his direction after halftime. He's a tall one that will need to put on a few pounds before he gets to Clemson. Everybody will want to talk him being a free safety; I still want him as a tall cover corner.

QB Brandon Sims
The Spartanburg athlete had no time to throw, but he looked quick once he got out of the pocket. He made some nice moves, but threw a costly interception at the goal line that could have changed the complexion of the entire game. He may start hearing from some bigger schools after his performance in practice this week.

OL Eric Young and Marion Dukes
Neither player had their best game today, as the North Carolina defensive line, led by Mario Williams consistently had their way with the Sandlappers' offense. Dukes spent a good deal of time talking with Young, and the two appear to be good friends. One side note, a Tennessee coach spoke with Young and Keenan DT Anthony McDaniel for a long time after the game was over. Young sits squarely on the fence right now with South Carolina on one side, and Clemson on the other. This one will go down to the wire folks.

DB Ko Simpson
Ko Simpson is a tough football player and he's a diamond in the rough. He hits with authority and is an intimidator on the field. He, along with Jonathan Hefney could start drawing massive interest in the coming weeks. The latest scoop has him picking up a scholarship offer from South Carolina.

WR Mike Mason
Simply put, Mike Mason was the best receiver on the field Saturday. He caught everything thrown his way, made people miss, and brought in a couple of long passes. It's no wonder why C.J. Gaddis wanted to get him to come to Clemson- he wants to throw those touchdown passes to him, instead of against him in Chapel Hill.

QB Chris Leak
It's easy to see why so many schools are so high on this quarterback. He's poised, has a solid delivery, a strong arm, and good mobility. Leak has been the signal caller in the spread offense at Independence High School for the last 3 years, and he'll make an outstanding quarterback at the next level. He made a couple of big throws Saturday, including two second half touchdowns, but most importantly, he led his team to the win.

DE Mario Williams
What a monster. He single handily destroyed the South Carolina offense Saturday afternoon. Words can't describe the type of havoc he inflicted on the Sandlappers. Tommy Bowden and company made several last ditch efforts to sway him away from the Wolfpack- now we know why. He possesses everything you like to see in a quality end, speed, size, power, and aggressiveness. You name it, he has it, and the bad thing is that he'll terrorize the ACC for the next four years in Raleigh- write it down.

CB Keenan Little
Don't underestimate this guy at all! He covered Noah Whiteside and blanketed him on a number of drives and looked physically ready to compete with anybody on the field. Provided good run support and always tried to fight off downfield blocking with aggression. Top Stories