Clemson Signing Day Notebook

CLEMSON - When Jeff Scott agreed to become Clemson's new recruiting coordinator he had no idea he would have to deal with line of questions that came from one of the media members Wednesday.

"Since you are a new coach, what kind of impact do you think you will have with these new players," said current Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle and former Clemson lineman Nick Eason, fresh off of the Steelers 27-23 victory in Super Bowl XLIII three days earlier.

"You have a new coach in Dabo Swinney. They fired Tommy Bowden. So you have new coach Dabo Swinney, and you are a young coach and an energetic coach and I know you already have a great relationship with the players, so what kind of impact do you think you will have here at Clemson?"

Scott just stood speechless at first.

"Thanks Nick, I appreciate that, but as I was preparing for this press conference, I didn't think I would have Nick Eason in here doing it after watching you on TV the other night," Scott joked back.

Eason, who played with Scott in the early part of the decade at Clemson, was back at Clemson Wednesday attending the basketball team's Top 10 matchup with No. 4 Duke.

With that, Scott straightened up and answered Eason's questions in the same manner he would any of the media who cover the Tigers.

"I think one thing that helps, as you know, and being a former Clemson player, is that Clemson is a special place," he said. "When I bring the recruits in and talk to them, I can talk to them through personal experience because it was not long ago, I was in their shoes. Clemson was a great opportunity for me as I know it was for you, so it's easy to talk to those guys."

One of those guys Scott spoke to about Clemson this year was Minneapolis, Minn., wide receiver Bryce McNeal, who signed with the Tigers Wednesday. McNeal is one of 7 five and four-star recruits the Tigers inked in their 12-man class.

"When I was going to visit with Bryce McNeal this year and I was sitting in his living room, it was easy to talk about a place that you are passionate about, and it is really a special place to you, so hopefully that will help."

It at least answered Eason's question.

NAPIER OFF THE CASE: Now that the 2009 class has been signed, Dabo Swinney, as mentioned above, named Jeff Scott as his new recruiting coordinator. It's a move that will free up some time now for Billy Napier, who was named the Tigers offensive coordinator last month.

"Billy has put his heart and soul into it, so obviously I'm thankful for that," Swinney said.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: "Are you planning on breaking any NCAA rules since Becky Bowman is not here anymore?" --- Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle and former Clemson standout Nick Eason asked Scott as Clemson's new recruiting coordinator.

QUIET DAY: For the first time in a couple of years, Clemson had a quiet morning and afternoon on National Signing Day. In years past, the Tigers have had a few surprise pickups, like C.J. Spiller, while also losing a few.

Wednesday, however, the Tigers were able to hold on to all of those they brought into the day and really did not have any last-second additions from a national perspective.

"That's the way I'd like every year, to be honest with you," Swinney said. "I'd like it to be done every year by 10:30. That would be great if we could work that out. I would rather know that I have all those guys in the boat and that they are here rather than have to find out on Signing Day." Top Stories