Quotes from the Tangerine Fiasco

"I honestly felt sorry for Whitehurst after a while," said Texas Tech defensive lineman Aaron Hunt. "We just really blitzed him because he's a redshirt freshman. He normally doesn't play like a freshman. He sits back there real patient."

DT Nick Eason
I'm totally embarrased. When they got up 17-0, I wasn't really worried. After a while, when they got to 40 points, I was like, what's going on? I really thought were going to come out in the second half and regroup and score. This was my last game as a Clemson Tiger, and I got destroyed. I might have more games, in the NFL, maybe some All-Star games, but this is one I'll always remember.

Texas Tech DE Aaron Hunt
We know our offense is very potent and they can score. All we heard was how this was going to he a shootout because of how explosive both offenses are. We really took care of business today. I honestly felt sorry for Whitehurst after a while. We just really blitzed him because he's a redshirt freshman. He normally doesn't play like a freshman. He sits back there real patient. We knew going into the game if we put pressure on him, just like any other freshman, he'd get a little rattled up and do stuff he's never done before.

Texas Tech QB Kliff Kingsbury
I felt like we could do some things, seeing their defensive base package and how they lined up. I felt like we could exploit it. I felt real comfortable making checks, and whatever we checked to worked. I think our no-huddle kept them in their base package.

We had some big wins this year that a lot of kids have seen, so I think it's a step in the right direction for Texas Tech.

ROV Altroy Bodrick
They outcoached us, they outplayed us, they did everything perfect and that's why the score was lopsided like it was. We tried soft zones, press coverages, blitzes, it seemed like he was ready for everything we threw at him. Nothing we did on defense worked tonight and that's why the score ended up like it was.

Offensive Coordinator Brad Scott
That happens to you sometimes in the bowl game, you get tired and I thought we got sloppy in the fourth quarter. We did condition them, but you get out of sync a little bit. To pass protect as many times as we threw it (56) tonight, that takes some wear and tear on them, too. You have to credit them for the scheme and the physical play up front. They pushed our guys back a little bit and Charlie didn't have the time early. There were some tight coverages and there wasn't a lot of wide open throws out there.

Tommy Bowden
Games that come down to the end of the fourth quarter, those are a little easier to take. It's hard to get too critical without looking at the film as far as was it scheme or was it protection? I think a lot of times we had hats on, they just came through it. We couldn't generate any offense tonight. The protection wasn't very good, and nobody made a play.

Kingsbury is everything they say he is, you can't hardly rattle him. He's very accurate with his throws, there really wasn't anything we did that rattled him. I thought Charlie was OK, but we never hit a big play. We needed to make a big play somewhere to get going and we never really did. The score is pretty embarrassing. There's nothing else to say.

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