CUTigersTV: Purnell Previews Tech

CLEMSON - No. 13 Clemson travels to Atlanta to battle Georgia Tech Sunday afternoon.

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CUTigersTV: Purnell Previews Tech

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"Well here we go again. We gave our guys a couple of days off which I think we needed given the quick turnaround from Virginia to Maryland and the fact that starting on Sunday we have three games in short order. Tough games. Hopefully that will benefit us and give our legs and body some energy and some pop.

"We got a challenging team coming up. It is almost an identical situation as last week as Virginia was struggling from a won-lost standpoint. But as a coach, in this league, you understood it was only a matter of time until they started playing better. I think it's the same with Georgia Tech. Talented team. Talented front line. They have good guards and they have good players but they have been snake-bitten. It's only a matter of time [until they play better].

"We need to expect that we will go against Georgia Tech's 'A' game." Top Stories