Quicks hits with K.C. Rivers

CLEMSON - Senior guard K.C. Rivers talks about his last games as a Tiger and more.

First off K.C. tell us about that last play of the game against Virginia Tech Wednesday night, did it go as planned?
Rivers: Yeah, the play just messed up there at the end. We didn't run it well, but I mean we hadn't worked on the play right before—it had been awhile. But you know, it happens. We made a couple mistakes to get at that point in the game to where we got put in that situation.

Does a loss like that impact your confidence level at all?
Rivers: I'm always confident in this team. We can fulfill a lot when we come back from a loss, and we're always hungry for more. So I'm looking forward to seeing what we're going to do at Florida State. It's going to be a tough crowd but we're just going to have to be prepared to go in and do our thing.

Do you think there's the possibility that after losing a couple games, you guys might have lost some of that hunger?
Rivers: No, we still have that hunger. I mean we just have to work on finishing strong, but then again we have to be able to bounce back and make quick turn-arounds. We just have to go in and prepare harder, Florida State's a tough team—they came and they stole one from us, so we have to try to go down there and steal one back.

Given the match-up history between Clemson and Virginia Tech, is this the kind of game you were expecting?
Rivers:Definitely, a tight ball game. The game that's going to come down to the wire, maybe come down to the last side, and down to the last 30 seconds. It's been like that since my freshman year, so it's constantly back and forth between us. We came in and dominated them last, so we stay in it. But again, it adds great history between us because it keeps the excitement of ACC basketball going.

Is it starting to sink in that you only have one game left in this building (LittleJohn Coliseum) ?
Rivers: Not yet, not yet. I'm still practicing in here so when those days of practicing end, it's gonna hit me. And when I'm not doing summer workouts with the guys anymore, it'll really hit me. But right now I'm just trying to take everything in one thing at a time.

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