Korn back at 100 percent

CLEMSON - Redshirt sophomore quarterback Willy Korn talks about the start of spring practice, his injured shoulder and much more.


A new spring means a new beginning- especially for quarterback Willy Korn.

Now owning a clean bill of health, the redshirt sophomore finally has the opportunity to claim a starting spot and he couldn't be more excited about it.

Korn talked about the upcoming 15 practices, his health and much more with CUTigers.com as well as several other reporters Monday evening after spring practice:

Willy how are you feeling?
Korn: I'm feeling good. I'm back playing football again. I felt really good today. It was day one so everybody was a little rusty but the tempo for the practice was really good and for day one I thought it was pretty decent.

Do you feel like this now finally the opportunity to be your team?
Korn: Oh yeah. This is my opportunity to go out and prove to the team and prove to the coaches that I can be the guy to lead this team. For the first time I'm in the position to earn that opportunity.

Korn said the early part of spring practice will be focused on increasing the tempo of the offense and running a true no-huddle attack.
How is your throwing motion and arm strength?
Korn: It's good. I've been working hard it ever since I started back in January. Coach Napier has been working hard with me on it. I've got a lot of new drills I'm doing with the quarterbacks to get my mechanics back and they are pretty much there because I've been working on it the past few months. It definitely feels natural and not so much of a sprain.

Does the idea of competing [with Kyle Parker] motivate you?
Korn: Yes. Definitely. Competition is going to make everybody better and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Is it a different mentality to know you have your destiny in your own hands compared to what it was the previous two years with Cullen being the starter?
Korn: I've always been a competitor. Ever since my first spring to last spring- even though Cullen had a big year I still went into it like I was trying to earn the job. That's just how I always come into it. From the outside looking in it's even more so this year with me and Kyle competing. I'm the older guy now.

Is that a different feeling being one of those older guys and leading drills?
Korn: It is a different feeling. I feel like I've been a freshman for about eight and a half years here. But, it's a good feeling- knowing what you are doing and having some experience with the offense. I'm still a sophomore but I'm one of the older guys.

What is the difference in the new offense?
Korn: Right now we are putting basic stuff. The biggest thing is going to be the tempo of the offense. Last year we were a no-huddle team but we pretty much huddled because it took so long to run a play so we are going to try and use our tempo to our advantage against the defense.

How much prep time have you had with this new scheme?
Korn: We started meeting offensively two weeks ago. I'm sure as we progress into the spring we will start to see some option stuff going in and the quarterback will be running more.

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