Dawson's diary - spring break edition

Dawson Zimmerman checks in from the road as he and several other football players head to St. Louis for a different kind of spring break.

No spring practice today.

Or the next day. Or the next day.

Or the next day.

As a result I found myself cramped in a van that is graced with the words "Silver Bullet" and "Chosen Ones" spelled out on the sides with painter's tape and in Chinese lettering. There were over 30 identical white vans in our convoy for this FCA mission trip, which made it look like we were in the process of carrying out an elaborate bank robbery.

This year I decided not to join the herd of college students salivating over the beach and will not return from my destination with an airbrushed t-shirt that says "Spring Break '09!" in neon colors with a caricature of myself and a palm tree drawn by a 40 something ponytail wearing artist who keeps on giving me creepy smiles as he peers and winks at me from behind his easel.

Nope. I have chosen to embark on a journey north-western-ish to the birthplace of Nelly, Akon, Budweiser, and the steroid controversies of Mark McGwire. It also has a giant arch that looks like it was going to be something far more ambitious before the architect, no longer inspired to create his fantasy edifice, left a curved piece of metal sticking in the ground.

Yes, St. Louis is my destination for spring break in 2009. And yes, this was a choice, not some kind of penal exile.

Several other football players including Daniel Andrews, Ben Ramsey, John Wright, and Caleb Simmons have likewise chosen to go on this trip with the hope of having a positive influence on people in St. Louis.

As of 10 minutes ago, I decided to race a friend of mine around the circular shaped hallway of the hotel, probably to the dismay of the hotel workers who watched our blurred figures fly by. As I lay panting on the floor with my heart palpitating and sputtering, I thought about how I might stay in shape and keep conditioned for next week when spring practice once again rears its beautiful head. I think I might emulate the workout of this guy. Or run a couple laps up and down the arch.

Either way, I'm sure I'll be good to go.

- Dawson

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