Oglesby broke up over ejection

KANSAS CITY - Simply put, Terrence Oglesby just broke down.

While trying to explain to a member of the media what he did to cause himself to be ejected with 17:20 left on the clock in Thursday's opening round loss to Michigan, the sophomore started to cry.

No one was really sure why Oglesby started to cry. It could have been because he felt he let his team down at a critical point. It could have been he was distraught at the idea it probably cost the Tigers the game. It could have been he was embarrassed by his actions.

Odds are it was probably all of the above.

"It is probably the most embarrassing," Oglesby said as he came to tears. "We came up short."

With Clemson (23-9) down eight with 17:20 to play, Oglesby got himself thrown out when he threw an elbow at Michigan's Stu Douglass while trying to get through a screen set by Trevor Booker. "I did elbow him," Oglesby admitted. "I just blanked out and did it. I didn't really think that I was going to get him or anything, it was just selfish of me to loss my cool. I left the guys out to dry."

Douglass made the following two free throws to extend the lead to 10 has Michigan (21-13) gained control of the game.

"Obviously we're disappointed with (Oglesby's) situation because he's a young man that can give us some spark every now and then, but if that's the case, if you elbow the kid, then he should be thrown out," Clemson coach Oliver Purnell said.

Official Thomas Eades and his crew agreed with Purnell and that's why they tossed Oglesby once they confirmed it was an intentional foul by watching the replay.

"What we saw was a push off to the forehead," Eades said. "We came out immediately with the intentional foul. By rule, just to make certain it was an intentional foul, we can go to the monitor to review.

"When we looked at it there was no doubt there was an intentional act to the forehead. In my opinion, when you take a forearm to somebody's head it's a flagrant foul."

What Oglesby got was a quick trip to the showers and the end of what was another disappointing performance for him in the NCAA Tournament.

Last year, Oglesby made just one shot on 11 attempts in the first-round loss to Villanova, and was 1-for-8 from behind the arc. Thursday, he finished the night just 1-for-8 from the field, while missing his last six shots.

He finished the game with just three points, tying his season-low, with three turnovers and three fouls to go along with the ejection.

"I apologized to that kid for catching him with one," Oglesby said. "I was sitting back here watching (the game) and they showed a lot of heart in coming back. I wished they could have kept going, but (Michigan) got ahead a little too far I guess.

"It is a miserable feeling knowing you can't do anything about it." And that's probably why he started crying.

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