Davis talks Pro Day

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com catches up with former Clemson running back James Davis on the eve of Pro Day.

It seems almost strange to watch James Davis, Clemson's second all-time leading rusher, to walk off the practice fields in street clothes.

But after four years of giving his heart, soul and everything else to the football program, he's moved on to the National Football League.


There's this little thing on the NFL draft next month which separates him from his lifelong dream of playing at the next level. And even before that, he has one more opportunity to show NFL scouts exactly what he's capable of at Clemson's annual Pro Day Tuesday morning.

CUTigers spoke with James after spring practice Monday to get his thoughts on Pro Day:

James you have Pro Day tomorrow here at Clemson, where you get the chance to work out for scouts from the NFL. What do you hope to accomplish?
Davis: I'm probably going to run the 40 again. I'll catch some balls and do some drills. That's probably all I do. I actually got bigger going to the combine. I was about 218 pounds and I ran pretty good. But I've lost some weight since then to see how fast I can really be. I'm about 211 right now.

Is it strange for you to be out here for spring practice and you're not a part of it?
Davis: It is really weird. I was just talking to Jamie [Harper] a little bit. It's crazy. You can tell the guys have really improved. I wasn't really looking at the offense too much, mainly the defense and the new coaches. They are getting after it. They were getting after the offense today.

James Davis left Clemson as the school's second all-time leading rusher and will workout for NFL scouts Tuesday at Clemson's Pro Day. (Roy Philpott)

Do you feel pressure to perform well at Pro Day?
Davis: Nah. I never really feel pressure on the field. You have to relax and do what you do best. I just think, running the 40- it's always a big deal. I really don't know why but if you do that you got a chance to make some money.

You always hear about certain teams showing specific players a lot of interest going into the draft. Are there any teams you feel like looking at you harder than other ones?
Davis: You have those teams like the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers, the Colts and the Jaguars. Definitely Denver and Chicago. I've heard a lot from them lately it seems like.

Why does it seem like Denver would be the perfect fit for you? The orange? The fact they've used zone blocking all of these years?
Davis: It seems like it would be a good fit. I know a lot of people are hoping I go there. It's definitely good for running backs to go there. It really doesn't matter where I go. I just want to play.

Do you have a sense of where you could go in the draft? (round)
Davis: Not really. I don't have a sense of that just yet. You never really know where you are going to go. It's complicated. You are higher on some boards and lower on others. So you never really know.

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