Dawson's diary: day four

After a quality spring break in St. Louis for a mission trip, which can be further read about in my previous entry, it was back on the grind for the team and I as Monday's practice provided a re-emergence into the reality that is Clemson football and Coach Swinney's wrath/practice.

I actually expected things not to go as smoothly as they did, given that we were all coming back from one of the scarce football-free weeks of our lives. The 12-hour van rides to St. Louis had not been kind to my hamstrings and I found myself having to stretch at an intensity that would have made Mr. Fantastic proud as I felt the sinews pulling. In my head was the image of a pot roast being torn apart. After I punted enough to sufficiently shake off the rust covering my leg and send iron oxide flakes swirling into the afternoon cross-breeze, I then had to participate in various tackling drills at the request of Coach Powell.

After basic form tackling, Richard Jackson, myself, and Matt Skinner, who Coach Powell has affectionately dubbed "Genghis", were sent to field 3 to work on leg tackling. After sufficiently leg tackling a large, cylindrical foam pad and performing the requisite mortal combat moves complete with vocal sound effects on it after the real reps were completed, I once again was able to watch practice.

Once again, I was impressed the most by our defense. Our D-Line is ridiculous. Brandon Thompson looks like a boulder with legs and should definitely have a breakout season. I also thought that Jarvis Jenkins and Rennie Moore looked really good pass-rushing.

It was also good to have Jacoby Ford back on the field fresh off his 60 m nat'l championship. I still say Jacoby's lucky that I don't run track or he would be a couple medals fewer. But that's just my opinion. At any rate, it was a good Monday practice for us and I think Wednesday's will be inevitably better. For now, I'm going to go finish my English paper. Which is due tomorrow morning.

Procrastinators will unite….someday.

- Dawson

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