Wednesday Dabo Audio

CLEMSON - Listen to head coach Dabo Swinney after Wednesday's practice.


Opening comments about the weather/rain: It was good. We timed it just right. We were going to go out at 3:30. I feel like a weather man because I've been watching that radar. We decided to go out at two and meet after practice. It worked out really good because we were able to get a really good practice in. It was a half-scrimmage, half-practice. I think we achieved our goal. For the most part it was pretty dry until it picked up at the end.

What stood out at the scrimmage? One of the things I told the team- there are two things that are very obvious. One is that we have the makings to be a good team. The other is we are a long ways from being a good team. We've got a lot of work to do. We probably had about eight penalties on both sides of the ball. We had an offsides. We had 12 men on the field. Critical situations were we made some mistakes. Looks like the defense is on track. Defensive front was very good today. Mixed it up. Did some good on good and then did some attack defense on the purple offense. Then orange on swarm. That will be good to watch on film. Kids competed very well. Had one turnover. Sadat Chambers, probably saved a touchdown and knocked the ball loose. Xavier Brewer caused a fumble and Carlton Lewis picked it up.

I thought Jamie Cumbie flashed a little bit today. Da'Quan Bowers and Kevin Alexander. Noticed Jarvis Jenkins a time or two. Offensively, I think we are improving on the offensive line. We were able to do some things running the ball today. We have to be able to throw and catch. That's a huge emphasis for us throughout spring. We have to be able to throw and catch the football. Had some drops today. Lack of concentration with our young guys. We had a third down conversion that Deihl is wide open with and doesn't make the play. Clear dropped one. Dye dropped one. Ashe dropped one. Palmer dropped one. I thought the quarterbacks operated pretty good today and managed the scrimmage well. All three of them.

Is there any separation at QB? There's nobody separating. It's very very competitive through five practices. Trying to give them some equal opportunities. But pleased. A very good situation. We've got good players there. I know there are a lot of people out there concerned about the quarterback position but I'm more concerned about other spots to be honest with you. Like the leadership intangibles. They are not game ready yet but it's very competitive.

Very pleased with the kickers today. Would like to throw them a bone. Spencer Benton was very impressive. Very impressive. Broke his collar bone and doctors had him on some valium Monday and we didn't know that. We got him off the valium today and kicked it good. Top Stories