Weather doesn't bother quarterbacks

CLEMSON — Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has already said numerous times this spring that he is not concerned about the quarterback situation as most are.

Sure he would like to see one of them break away from the pack and become the clear No. 1, but until that happens he knows he can rest easy at night knowing he has Willy Korn, Kyle Parker and Michael Wade competing has hard as they can to be the next starting quarterback at Clemson University.

The Clemson coach feels he has three good enough athletes with good leadership skills, plus the other intangibles that it takes to win at the major college level.

Friday's practice in a driving rain storm did nothing to disprove that.

"I thought they threw the ball very well in difficult elements," Swinney said. "I mean they really threw the ball well. I mean in every period."

Korn says that's just part of the job requirement with being a football player.

"There could be a game or two this year or throughout my career where it is going to be raining and you have to play through it," the redshirt sophomore said. "You can't reschedule a game for next week so you might as well get used to it."

Though there were a few drops here and there, Swinney said he saw Korn and Parker throw just one bad pass in the two-hour practice. He said Wade also looked sharp.

"It was in one-on-one, in (skeleton), in team pads. It was all day," Swinney said. "I was really looking to see if the weather would cause problems. It did not even cause them to flinch.

"We have some mentally tough guys at the quarterback position. If you are going to play that position at Clemson, you better be pretty mentally tough."

What's making the quarterbacks tough is the competition, especially the competition between Korn and Parker.

"Every day is big as far as us competing against each other," Korn said. "(Tomorrow) is not more important because it is scrimmage because every day is a competition between the two of us.

"We compete in everything. In the meeting room, out on the field and academically, every day is a competition."

Including Friday's practice in Death Valley, which Korn said was fun to play in.

"Right now I'm just leading by example," he said. "I just have to focus on doing my job. I'm not worried about the receivers and I'm not worried about the offensive line.

"The protection was phenomenal today first of all. Yeah, we had some dropped balls, but I'm not worried about them. They will be fine. As a quarterback you have to go out there and keep getting it to them and do not make excuses."

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