Byford Announces Commitment

Alabama offensive lineman Brett Byford pulled the trigger on a commitment last night to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Byford had been considering both South Carolina and Clemson before making his final announcement.

"That's where God wants me to be." Brett Byford said about his pledge to Nebraska yesterday evening.

Brett said that his committment was based on a lot of things, but having to do nothing with what coaches were in Lincoln. Given all the changes that have happened at NU and those still to come, many have wondered just how much it's cost NU recruits.

In this case, it didn't have an effect. "My decision was about what God wanted me to do, not any coach." Brett said. "I believe my heart that this is where I am supposed to go."

Now, I asked Brett to quell those fears that such a nice guy could be the nasty kind of player it took to beat on those physical defenses out there. "It's an interesting feeling, but Jesus is no wimp." Brett said. "He's as tough as nails and when you are out there, you don't want to hurt anyone, but you want to be physical and I'm as physical as anyone."

About his commit to Nebraska, Brett looks to become a part of the Husker tradition that has put one out great offensive lineman after another. Though Brett himself couldn't recall names like Wiegert, Shields, Graham and Taylor, he has a sense of what it is to be a Husker offenisve lineman.

"I know it's a big deal there." Brett said. "They have a reputation for great lineman and I just want to be a part of that and continue that if I can."

Brett did also say that if he can help it, he's hoping to contribute early, as in freshman early, something that's only been done three times before. "I'm not crazy about the idea of redshirting, because I want to get in there right away." Byford stated. "I know though that means working my tail off before I get there, so I have a chance to do that." Top Stories