Dawson's diary: day eight

CLEMSON - Clemson's Dawson Zimmerman weighs in with his latest chronicles of spring practice.

I must keep this entry brief due to impending tests and papers that take precedence over a diary entry.

The highlight of today's practice came when Coach Swinney punished us because of the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of our locker room. It seems that several of us had been cited infractions for leaving out a glove, towel, etc. I found myself on the list of offenses after Miguel Chavis's workout shoes mysteriously transported themselves from the other side of the locker room to a spot in front of my locker.

They were side by side, meticulously placed, leaving me to suspect sabotage. The investigation is ongoing.

Football-wise, it wasn't our best day, but we should correct some of the mistakes made today and improve for Wednesday. And hopefully Dabo won't find our locker room littered with apparel.

For now I will immerse myself in World Literature books and try to write an essay about the connections between an Arabic poem and a novel about a pedophile.

Should be fun.

Also, why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Mind boggling.


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