Clemson in good with Raleigh LB

Even though this middle linebacker prospect has not been to Clemson since he was a freshman in high school, he still holds the Tigers in high regard.

"It seems like it is a real college town," Kendall Moore told Tuesday night. "That is something I appreciate about them because a lot of colleges are in the city or stuff like that and I feel like Clemson is actually just a school.

"That made me feel good. Also, I knew they were having a lot of new stuff built at the time and I definitely want to come and check all that out. From what I saw, the practice fields and the game field and that stuff looked real good and it is a real big football school and football is a top priority there. That's definitely what I want out of my schools."

It also helps Clemson, one of 10 schools to have already offered the rising senior, has Danny Pearman on staff.

The tight ends and tackles coach has been recruiting Moore the last couple of years and has known the 6-foot-2, 230 linebacker since he was a freshman.

"He was one of the first people that talked to me in general and recruiting wise was the first person that I heard from," Moore said. "Me and him go way back and I say that it definitely gives Clemson a plus."

Pearman also recruited Moore's old teammate, Demetrius Hartsfield, when he was at Maryland.

"Me and him are real tight and I used to talk with him a whole bunch, but now he is talking with my coaches like every couple of weeks," Moore said.

So far Moore has visited North Carolina, N.C. State, Wake Forest, South Carolina and East Carolina and has other offers from Maryland, Florida State and West Virginia. He says he hopes to get to Clemson before spring football practice is over and if not he will definitely take a visit this summer.

"Me and my Dad, we have been going through things week-by-week on how we plan things," Moore said. "Coach Pearman gave me a schedule the last time he was up here and he showed me all the spring practices and the spring game and everything.

"I definitely want to get down there and check everything out and see the whole atmosphere and stuff."

Moore also says he has no favorites, though he said his relationship with Pearman is a plus for Clemson, and that he wants to see as many schools as he can and evaluate each so he can make an educated decision.

"Right now I do not have a ranking. All the schools are on the same playing level," he said. "I just try to give every school a hard look that way I'm making a good decision so when I start cutting the list down I want to make sure it is an intelligent decision.

"I want to make sure I have a good evaluation of each school, so me and my Dad have been going through all the pros and cons for each school and just trying to figure it all out."

Moore said there is nothing to him not visiting Clemson. The talented linebacker said he has just not had an opportunity to make the trip.

"There is no reason other than I just have not had the chance to get down there," he said. "One of the reasons is because I have been there already. I went there my freshman year. I know I need to go back, but I know what the campus looks like and stuff like that. But I will definitely get down there sooner or later."

Other than looking for a school with a lot of football pride and that kind of stuff, Moore is also looking for a school that has a good academic background as well.

"Academics are definitely big," he said. "I'm looking to do something in business, but I really haven't decided what overall field or what my major is going to be so I need to figure that out, but that is definitely big.

"But it being a football school is definitely big for me. I want to be somewhere where football is the main thing that they do and is their premiere thing and have all the fans. I want to get that full experience."

Moore just recently got some experience in what it is going to be like at the college level. He just returned last week from the Scout/Badger 7-on-7 passing tournament in Tampa, Fla.

"It showed me a different type of ball," he said. "They have a lot of speed in Florida. Up here, it is a lot of power football so it helped me broaden my game and helped me get a lot better." Top Stories