Dawson's diary: day 10

CLEMSON - Clemson's Dawson Zimmerman weighs in with his latest chronicles of spring practice.

It was another windy day in Clemson.

So far this spring we've fought off a blizzard, a monsoon, and now gusts of wind that threatened to uproot the goalposts from where they were anchored. I took the necessary measures of taping the ear-holes of my helmet shut and also wore Da'Quan Bowers long-sleeve dry-fit shirt in order to combat the wind and drop in temperature. Unfortunately for me, both measures failed to keep me warm as the wind still chilled my face and Da'Quan's shirt fit me like a baggy sweater and didn't do the thermal job I was counting on.

As a result, after my punting was done, I stood on the sidelines with my arms in my shorts, jogging in place like an overzealous runner at an intersection waiting for cars to clear. In the past couple practices, I've observed our offense really improving and the emergence of Brandon Ford as a playmaker. I've also seen an improvement in our defense as they have bought into Coach Steele's tutelage.

One of the biggest improvements has been in the kicking game, with Spencer Benton and Richard Jackson both drastically improving in consistency and performance under pressure. Matt Skinner aka "Genghis" has also been consistently snapping with precision and velocity. I'm pretty confident that the kickers are going to get the job done.

I must end this entry due to the academic burden that will undoubtedly torment me this week, but not without a small rant regarding the NCAA Basketball Championship.

I will never, ever, ever, ever root for UNC to win. Ever. There's just something about Tyler Hansbrough that makes me want him to fail. I'm sure he's a great person and I know he's a great competitor, but there's something about him I can't put my finger on. At any rate, he falls into my list of people that mildly annoy me for no real reason, right above the Geico Caveman and just below Flo from the Progressive commercials with her stupid "tricked out nametag."

At any rate, I'm off to finish a paper and am choosing not to watch the title game because every time I see Hansbrough score I involuntarily vomit. Adios.

- Dawson

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