Will Gaddis Backup Whitehurst Next Year?

Hoke County quarterback and North Carolina native C.J. Gaddis is set for a visit to Clemson this weekend, and now that his high school career is behind him, he's looking at one goal- claiming a spot on the depth chart next season. What would it take for that to happen?

C.J. Gaddis finished his high school career in the 2nd round of the playoffs back in late November, and then the senior quarterback officially closed things out by particpating as a running back in the Shrine Bowl.

What's his life been like since then?

"Well, a bunch of schools are trying to recruit me and trying to change my mind, but it's not happening. They are just doing their job though, so it's cool," said Gaddis said laughingly.

Gaddis maintains that he's going to sign with Clemson on February 5th, even though he still might take a trip to Georgia, which is planned for the weekend after his trip to Clemson.

"We'll I'm looking forward to getting down to Clemson this weekend, I'm driving down there on Friday. I don't know who is hosting me yet, but Coach O'Cain should be calling me soon with all the info. I still might go down to Georgia, but you never know, I may not," added Gaddis.

In terms of next season, Gaddis says there is a distinct possibility that he could challenge for the 2nd team spot at quarterback, pending of course on one key quarterback that may or may not be on the Tigers' roster.

"It all comes down to Willie," said Gaddis. "If he leaves than I'll have a chance, but if he doesn't then I really could be looking at a redshirt. You know it all just depends."

"Right now they are telling me that I may get a shot as a sophomore or junior, but it just depends on what happens once I get there I think," added Gaddis.

We will continue to keep you updated on Clemson verbal commitment C.J. Gaddis, right up through signing day.

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