Parker resetting himself for third season

CLEMSON - As Clemson begins its final push to yet another College World Series, right fielder Kyle Parker is trying to get his legs back underneath him.

Like all college baseball players this time of year, the long season is wearing him down somewhat, but when throwing 15 spring football practices and everything else that goes with being a scholarship football player at a major Division I school, the 19-year old is spent.

"I'm a little beat up," Parker said Wednesday as the 15th-ranked Tigers get set for Friday's NCAA Regional contest with Tennessee Tech at Doug Kingsmore Stadium. "Baseball is a little bit different than football. It just wears on you over a long period of time when you're out here and playing every day.

"Every day is real tough and after the season you kind of feel beat down, but it's not that bad. I think I will have time to recover and get ready for football stuff."

Parker plans to take a couple of weeks off from baseball and football once the baseball season comes to an end, which he hopes doesn't until June 24th - the championship game of the College World Series.

As for football itself, Parker says he isn't doing anything for football right now and his full attention is on this weekend, specifically Tennessee Tech.

"I will finish up the season and take a week or two off and try to get my legs back under me and then go to work hard on (football) stuff," he said. "I figured I will have time because I will be up for summer session two and I will do skills and drills workouts so I think I will have time to get ready."

He will have to because right now Willy Korn, who he is in a battle with for the starting quarterback job, has got a leg up in the competition while working passing drills with the wide receivers and running backs every Tuesday and Thursday.

"It gives me a little bit of an advantage because he is out there having to worry about baseball and having to focus on that," Korn said. "He will still get the month of July and that will be plenty of time.

"It's not like he isn't doing anything. He will also have the complete second-summer session to get back and get used to football again so I don't think it will put him too far behind."

Parker agrees with Korn and says playing baseball helps him not only stay competitive, but also in good physical shape.

"I'm not just sitting around doing nothing," he laughed. "I don't think I'm getting out of shape or things like that, but after this is over, I will get to where I need to be for football season."

But baseball season is far from over and this weekend and the opportunity coming up is just another reason on why the two-sport star decided to come to Clemson in the first place.

"This is definitely an experience of a lifetime and God has blessed us and me with this opportunity to be out here," Parker said. "Everyone is just looking forward to it and looking forward to the atmosphere that's going to be here.

"After sitting at home and watching this on ESPN last year, we kind of know what to expect and now we are just excited to be one of those teams that's going to get a shot at winning the national championship." Top Stories