What's Happened So Far

It's been a busy weekend so far in Tiger Town, here's what we know of for sure as of Sunday morning. Have the Tigers' gained the commitment of any of the big time players in Clemson this weekend? You bet they have, and we've got the details in this report.

The commitment that was orginally confirmed to be Anthony McDaniel, a big defensive tackle of Keenan High School in Columbia, South Carolina has now been denied.

However, several other players on the verge of making their commitment, or very well could make their announcement early on Sunday. Those players are:

SS Maurice Nelson
CB Brian Staley
RB Tremaine Billie
OL Chris Capote
WR Chris Jefferson
RB Rodney Kinlaw

While everyone and their grandmother will jump on the Maurice Nelson bandwagon, it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. Nelson has been trying to hold off on publicly announcing a verbal commitment for quite some time, however we will not know for sure whether or not he's ready to announce until tomorrow afternoon.

Right now, three players, Nelson, Howard, and Kinlaw have already been announced as hard Clemson leans in the January issue of CUTigers The Magazine. The other main player from our January issue is Eric Young, and just as we have maintained on the CUTigers.com Insider Message Board for the last three months, he's still leaning towards Clemson.

However do not expect any kind of announcement from Eric Young this weekend, it won't happen until signing day.

Rodney Kinlaw has had an incredible visit, and don't be surprised to see his name headline the list of this weekend's verbal commitments. The staff has pushed hard for their #1 target at running back. Furthermore, Kinlaw has been quietly favoring the Tigers for quite some time, but is still thinking about Virginia Tech and Penn State.

Several sources have already confirmed Kinlaw's commitment, but we have yet to get the official word just yet.

CB Brian Staley is all but a Clemson lock, and Tremaine Billie is thinking hard about switching from the Gamecocks to the Tigers. This has been confirmed by two separate sources late Saturday evening.

Marcus Howard is another possiblity, although he still has it set in his mind that he needs to visit Georgia. It will take some work early Sunday to get him to change his mind, but a commintment to Clemson still remains a distinct possibility.

Also, it will be important to follow the Noah Whiteside situation, he could very well hold the key to a commitment from Brandon Allen. Whatever the case may be, look for the Tigers to be settled on their top two wide receiver prospects by 2 PM tomorrow.

We expect as many as five more verbal commitments to come out of this weekend's visits by tomorrow afternoon. We'll have more updates than you can take, throughout the day Sunday. No speculation and hearsay, just facts- you can bank on that.

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