Gaddis DOES Make the Trip to Clemson

Clemson verbal commitment C.J. Gaddis gives us updates on all the big name recruits in Tiger Town this weekend. Included in this extensive report are updates on JUCO players Woodly Telfort and Brian Staley! Could Telfort be coming to Clemson?

"Well Reggie Merriweather was my host this weekend, and he was great, we all had a good time down there," said Gaddis.

"It was great, I was one of the first players to meet with the coaches, so I left the earliest out of everyone, in fact, I just got in right when you called."

With his verbal commitment firmly in place, C.J. tried his best to get the latest scoop on some of biggest names in Clemson this weekend, and it just so happens, he was able to find out about two very important recruits considering Clemson.

"I spent a lot of time talking to Brian Staley and Woodly Telfort. Woodly is definitely coming to Clemson and Staley wants too but he still hasn't made a decision yet," added Gaddis.

"We were talking to Woodly, and we were like, you know you are coming to Clemson, and he was like yeah, I know I'm coming here," Gaddis said laughing.

"Staley just said more than likely he'll be coming to Clemson, but like I said, he hasn't made a decision yet and he's going to wait and take all of his visits before he does."

As far as the rumors running around about a possible position switch, you can forget it.

"Coach Scott, Coach O'Cain, and Coach Bowden all are talking about the quarterback position and what I can expect next season on offense," said Gaddis. "That's what they are recruiting me to play, and that's where I'll be next year."

What about his trip to Georgia next weekend, is that still in the works?
"Well I've got it set up, but I'm just going to wait and see you know, I haven't really decided on that yet," said Gaddis.

We will continue to keep you updated on C.J. Gaddis, right up through signing day, but as it stands now, he's even closer to becoming a Tiger than ever before! Top Stories