Could Clemson Sign 8?

With 5 OL commitments in the books, many fans have wondered what will happen with the remaining three targets in the trenches. First, let me say this is a great problem to have and that the coaches have done an outstanding job signing what will probably be the best OL class ever for the Tigers.

Let's take an in-depth look at the eligibility of the current players and this years recruiting class. The Tigers already have commitments from Brandon Pilgrim, Marion Dukes, Clint LaTray, Chris Capote and Mario Henderson. Several outstanding lineman including Eric Young, Woodly Telfort and David Overmyer have not committed but currently have the Tigers listed as their favorite.

Could the Tigers actually sign 8 OL with this years class? I think many will be surprised to see that the answer could be yes! Of course, the Tiger Tracker is very helpful when analyzing complex issues like this.

Let's start with the 4-star junior college stud in Woodly Telfort. Telfort would have 4 years to play 3 which is unusual for a JUCO. Expect Woodly to see playing time next year at tackle so he will most likely use 3 to play 3 unless he gets injured at some point. This would put Woodly in the 2005 eligibility class with Chip Myrick.

The 2006 class already has Dustin Fry, Roman Fry, Nathan Bennett, Tim DeBeer and Brad Lee. If Eric Young commits to the Tigers, expect him to see immediate playing time next year joining the others in the 2006 class.

The rest of this year's signing class would likely be facing a redshirt their first year on campus. That would put Brandon Pilgrim, Marion Dukes, Clint LaTray, Chris Capote, Mario Henderson and hopefully David Overmyer in the 2007 eligibility class. It is also very possible that Mario may be a "sign and place," putting him in a later class.

In review, the eligibility class would look like this.

2005 (2)
Chip Myrick, Woodly Telfort

2006 (6)
Dustin Fry, Roman Fry, Nathan Bennett, Tim DeBeer, Brad Lee, Eric Young

2007 (6)
Brandon Pilgrim, Marion Dukes, Clint LaTray, Chris Capote, David Overmyer, Mario Henderson

Another option would be to move someone to the defensive line in the future, if needed. Many think that Eric Young would make an incredible defensive tackle with his speed and certainly a position switch is never out of the question when making the transistion from the high school to the college ranks.

It is still a long way until February 5th and a lot of things could happen. However, as it stands now, this class is already outstanding and it can only get better going forward.

The Tigers would be very fortunate to add players with the talent level of a David Overmyer, Eric Young, or Woodly Telfort, and it goes without saying that it would be very difficult to turn any of them away.

Is it possible for the Tigers to oversign on the offensive line? Certainly. Will it happen? Stay tuned! Top Stories