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Help Wanted!
The Tigers special teams had a disastrous 2002. Where do we go from here?

If you look at the top teams in the country this past season, one area in which they all excelled in is on special teams. Year in and year out, teams with average talent become difference makers on the national scene because their special teams have consistently played better than the opposition.

Defense Wins Championships
It will have to be the defense that leads the resurgence at Clemson University in 2003.

"There's a reason why programs like Oklahoma and Ohio State made abrupt turnarounds in their programs, and it all has to do with their defense. Defense wins championships, and defense makes average teams, great teams. It's an undeniable fact of life that has been proven time and time again."

Diamonds in the Rough
Sometimes the top players for your football program, aren't the 5-star prospects.

Every year around this time, all the major recruiting services around the country issue their yearly rankings of each school's recruiting class. And while fans from both near and far engulf these rankings with every ounce of energy possible, it's still very difficult to predict how each of these "top ranked" prospects will pan out at the collegiate level.

All About Winning
QB C.J. Gaddis has one thing on his mind- winning championships.

"The thing the Clemson coaching staff talks to me the most about is the parity in college football today. The main point they want to get across is that they feel like they are only one or two players away from being an undefeated team. A lot of times they tell me that I could be one of those players."

The Clemson Offense- What Now?
Early thoughts about the Tigers' offense in 2003.

The offensive coaches have said privately that Kelvin Grant was further along in development and talent after his freshman year than any receiver Clemson currently has on staff. That, my friends, is saying a lot.

Spring Games Need Opponents
Why can't we have football in April?

When broken down to its barest form, the Spring Game is simply playing against yourself. When you play against yourself, you create a terrible imbalance that a competitive sport was not designed for.

Down to the Wire
Signing Day 2003 promises to be one of the most exciting ever.

"While fans from both schools will claim that their respective team had a better year bringing in the most sought after prospects, the results will only be proven down the road, when most of these players have the opportunity to make an impact."

Clemson Basketball Can Succeed
Don't automatically discount basketball season in Tiger Town this year.

It's early February and already Clemson fans are looking forward to next year's football schedule. And rightfully so, planning big tailgating parties, figuring out which games will mean the most, and which players will make the biggest impact next season is the talk of any college football fan this time of year. But wait just a minute; aren't we forgetting something here?

Plus, a detailed look at the 15 biggest names on the planet looking hard at Clemson for the 2003 class.

Also, a national view of football and basketball recruiting from Jamie Newberg and Dave Telep will appear in each issue.

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