Updated Dandy Dozen

Over the past few weeks the recruiting boards have been littered with threads discussing the in-state recruiting battle. Today update out Dandy Dozen. These are the top 12 players in South Carolina that we will track to see how the Tigers and Gamecocks are doing with in-state prospects in 2003.

Dandy Dozen
RankingRecruitVisitsBest ChanceCommitment
1 Eric YoungClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)Clemson
2 Demetris SummersSC (1/17), Clemson (1/24)SC
3 Maurice NelsonClemson (1/10)Clemson
4 Syvelle NewtonClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)SC
5 Noah WhitesideClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)Open
6 Marcus HowardClemson (1/10)Clemson
7 Rodney KinlawClemson (1/10)Clemson
8 Ryan BrownClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)SC
9 Marion Dukes Clemson (1/10)ClemsonClemson
10 Anthony McDanielClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)Clemson
11 Terrell Allen Pittsburgh
12 Sergio GilliamClemson (1/10)ClemsonClemson
Tremaine Billie, Demetrius Morant, Tray Rogers, Jad Dean
Commit CountClemson - 2, SC - 0, Other - 1

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