AUDIO: Spiller, Sapp at ACC Kickoff

GREENSBORO, N.C. - C.J. Spiller and Ricky Sapp talk about the upcoming season.


SPILLER ON ALABAMA: I think we put too much hype on us going into that game [Alabama last year]. We hadn't won a championship. Being No. 9 in the country we thought Alabama wouldn't get that much recognition. We thought they would lay down and give us the game but they came out and hit us in the mouth and took it to us for all four quarters. They made us realize that every Saturday every team is gunning for you so that was something we learned in that game.

SPILLER ON THE HEISMAN: It's an honor to come here in the ACC and see a poster down there [in the hotel]. It brings a lot to our university. I don't think there is too much pressure on me because I have a good supporting cast both on offense and defense to help me. I know what we want to do as a team and our main focus is to win a championship.

SPILLER ON WHY HE CAME BACK: To graduate. Come December 11 or 12 I will be walking across the stage with my teammates ... guys like Ricky and Jacoby. We've kind of built that brotherhood thing. I really wanted to enjoy my last year with those guys. It was a tough position. Especially when you are talking about millions of dollars.

SAPP ON WHAT HAPPENED WHEN SWINNEY WAS NAMED HEAD COACH: I think Coach Swinney is a person we all had respect for. He brings so much energy to the table and a whole new style of coaching. When he got the head coaching job we had even more respect for him. We all knew what he would bring to the table and we were all excited when he finally got it. Top Stories