New Clemson commitment "believes"

All the credit goes to the coaching staff at Clemson for locking up the verbal commitment of Ensworth HS (TN) tight end Sam Cooper.

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"I really buy into Dabo Swinney's enthusiasm and conviction," Cooper told CUTigers about his commitment. "That really went a long way for starters."

Having the opportunity to work with tight ends coach Danny Pearman after Cooper arrives in 2010 is also a match that was to good to pass up. After meeting Pearman, Cooper said he wanted to be a better player. Hopefully, for the Tiger faithful, that desire will start to pay dividends next fall.

"It was just a good fit," said Cooper, who is the first tight end commitment of the 2010 class.

"With some tight ends graduating it lines up pretty perfectly for a tight end committing in my class. It seemed right."

Along with offers from Duke and Michigan State, the Tigers were selected over the Blue Devils in what Cooper said was a tough decision.

"I was really impressed with the Duke program, but I think Clemson is a better fit for me," he said. "Before I decided I was going to play football Duke wasn't really on the list for colleges. Clemson was one of the top two, if not the first."

Though Cooper's numbers at Ensworth last year weren't dazzling (five caches for 60 yards and a touchdown), he won't second-guess his team's philosophy of running the football.

"I don't really know the statistics off the top of my head…we are running team," he said. "I'm not going to argue against my team. I'm trying to win in high school first before I go to college."

Already a couple of days into two-a-days, he's back on the football field and looking to win. This fall, Cooper believes Ensworth will compete for a AA Division II state championship.

"We're looking good. I think we're definitely in the running for a state championship," he said. "We have a really tough schedule, but we're looking good and working hard to pull it out."

As far as individual goals at tight end or rush end, Cooper's not looking for any individual accolades.

"I'm not thinking about personal stuff. I just want what's best for the team," he said.

With two trips to Tigertown already under his belt, Cooper likes what he's seen.

"When we went down on the visit on Friday, I saw the academic center, tutoring center, the dorms where I'm going to be living. I really like it. I really like it as a college town. I think it has a lot to offer," he said.

He'll also be back this fall for a couple of games and planning no visits to other campuses--he's staying firm with his commitment to the Tigers.

"There is no other possibility of me going anywhere else. I'm firm with my verbal commitment," Cooper said. Top Stories