Beasley names two; ready to announce

One of the top defensive players on Clemson's 2010 recruiting board was on campus today for an unofficial visit, and he was getting an earful the entire time from one of his good friends.

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A trio of top prospects for the 2010 recruiting class, who all happen to be great friends, made it up to Clemson Friday for a big time unofficial visit.

Clemson commitment Desmond Brown, his teammate, Caleb Crane, and Adairsville, Ga. linebacker Vic Beasley all made the quick trip up I-85 to check out Tigertown, and by all accounts the journey went better than expected.

Brown, of course, has been committed to Clemson for the last two weeks and is on track to be the top recruiter for the Clemson coaching staff in this year's class. He said his focus today was simple: help recruit Beasley and Crane for the Clemson coaching staff so he can room with two of his closest friends next year.

"I've been talking to Vic for a while," Brown said. "I think he's sold on Clemson. Away from everybody else I think he wants it. It's safe to say Vic is really feeling Clemson right now. I don't know if he'll commit or not but the academics really got him because he's an academic guy. I can tell you that.

"He was sippin' on that orange kool-aid like there wasn't any left. Dabo was real genuine with him and I think that made a big impact with him. I mean, who wouldn't want to play for a coach like Coach Swinney?"

Not surprisingly, Brown's persistence seemed to pay off with his good buddy Victor Beasley.

"Right now I just narrowed it down to Alabama and Clemson," Beasley told "Both of them are great schools. I'm probably going to announce my decision next week. Maybe at a press conference.

"The thing I like about Alabama is that it's just a great school. The coaches are great. It's a great place. The facilities are great too.

"At Clemson it's all about the facilities and the academics. They really take care of you there. I was impressed with what I saw today."

The day started off with a trip to Howard's Rock before all three prospects met extensively with the Clemson coaching staff.

"We went a touched the rock and they showed us the hill," Brown said. "Then we went upstairs and met all the coaches and talked them for a long time. They showed a lot of love to Vic and to Caleb and I think that was big."

"And the thing is, the coaches talk to you about family. About life. It's not just football. That was big too."

Beasley, who came with his parents, also said he was impressed by what the coaches had to say.

"We had good talks with the coaching staff. My parents were very impressed with what Clemson had to offer and they told me I'm going to have to make my own decision and that if it's Clemson, that's fine with them. They were impressed."

Meanwhile for Crane, a true sleeper who dropped off his film for the Clemson coaching staff today, he's hoping a scholarship offer could be in the works in the near future.

The rising senior recorded a mind-boggling 207 tackles to go along with 24 tackles for loss last season, but has yet to tally a scholarship offer from a FBS program.

"I hope it works out," Crane said. "They said they would talk about it tonight and get back to me next week. I dropped my film off and I think Coach Steele was impressed with me. They had some scales there and I just got on them and I was 225 pounds. I think they liked that."

Crane added if Clemson moved in with an offer, it would be hard to pass up.

"I'd like to stick with my friends," he said. "They said I looked like their kind of linebacker so we'll see."

So as things stand now, the Tigers have one verbal commitment from the talented trio that visited Friday ... but a week from now ... it could be three times as much.

"Alabama and Ole Miss are looking at him hard," Brown said of Crane. "But Clemson is No. 1 on his list right now. And I think Vic is feeling Clemson hard. We'll see. I think he's sippin' that orange kool-aid." Top Stories