LB delays decision; plans Clemson trip

LB LaDarius Owens talks about his visit to Auburn on Sunday and where he stands on making a decision.

Just last week it appeared as if Jess Lanier linebacker LaDarius Owens would be making his decision between Auburn and Alabama and putting an end to his recruiting. Now a week later he says that he's changed his plans some and is going to wait until later in the year before he makes a choice.

"I've thought about it and talked to a lot of coaches last week," Owens says. "LSU, Florida State and Tennessee, it really wasn't fair to them or me because I had only been to those places once. I'm going to go check them out again to evaluate them fairly and see how I like it and see what the difference is during the season. I'm just going to leave the recruiting stuff alone for a minute.

"I'm also going to Clemson for the Boston College game," he adds. "I have a real close relationship with Coach Cheese (Charlie Harbison) and Coach Steele (Kevin Steele). They were the first ones to recruit me when they were at their respective schools at Mississippi State and Alabama."

This weekend Owens had yet another chance to check out one of his favorites as he was in Auburn visiting his uncle and took the time to talk to the coaching staff once again. It makes close to half a dozen visits for Owens at Auburn since early in the spring and he says this one was just about building a stronger relationship.

"I really went down to visit my uncle (James Owens) for the weekend," Owens says. "I just stopped by to talk to Coach Chiz (Gene Chizik). I talked to Coach (Tommy) Thigpen on Saturday. I just went to hang out for a bit, but really went to hang out with my uncle. Since I was down there I thought I would go by and see them.

"It's just easy for me to go down there because I have somewhere to stay," Owens adds. "I just hang out with the coaches. I'm real comfortable with them. I can just pop in and we can sit down and talk. I hung out with Troop (Trooper Taylor) a little bit as well on Saturday. It's just a real good atmosphere. When you go down there it feels like family."

Now with his senior season fast approaching, Owens says he's concentrating fully on his football season. Jess Lanier opens with road games at Hueytown and Fairfield to open the season before playing at home against Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa in week three. Owens notes that because of football season coming up he's not going to rush things.

"I'm taking my time," Owens says. "I'm not going to be one of those kids that commits and de-commits. When I commit I'm done. That's my word. I want to be sure about it." Top Stories