Bamberg Boys

CLEMSON - It's not too often that a small community like Bamberg produces two freakish athletes like Ricky Sapp and Da'Quan Bowers within a two of years of each other.

It's not everyday that two freakish athletes like Sapp and Bowers come from the same family.

Clemson fans have to be counting their blessings because today is not everyday.

Roommates, close friends and family, Sapp and Bowers have been running around together on and off the football field for a long time.

"We've had each others backs since we were little kids," Sapp told CUTigers Friday after practice. "Now we're in college together."

Bowers credits the work at Bamberg-Erhardt HS for the duo's size, strength and abilities.

"We had a good weight program down there in 2003 and 2004 that worked us hard," he said. "Our coach had a good scheme for us to get into. We both thought Clemson would be the best school for us scheme-wise. And we ended up here."

‘Big Cous' and ‘Lil' Cous', is what they're known as among friends and family back home, although Bowers is bigger (6-4, 275) than Sapp (6-4, 240). Sapp is ‘Big Cous' because he's older.

But just because Sapp was older it didn't mean he was the one bullying the other growing up.

"He was hard on me," Bowers said. "He was always big. I was always the small one."

They've been bullying together on football fields since they were kids in recreation leagues and have one more season to do so as Tigers.

Roommates, close friends and family, senior end Ricky Sapp and sophomore end Da'Quan Bowers have been running around together on and off the football field for a long time.
There's an entire town that's keeping a close eye on No.7 and No. 93 when Clemson football is in the air on Saturdays in the fall, hoping their bullies make big plays.

"It's exciting. One of the biggest things is everyone is proud of what we're doing and what we've been doing," Sapp said.

"It's crazy. There's no better feeling than being on the field with Ricky," Bowers said.

Both worthy of the double team from opposing offenses, Bowers said if they're both taking on two blockers on the edge, it leaves a lot of room in the middle for guys like Brandon Thompson and Jarvis Jenkins to blow up a play or make a sack.

"It makes better opportunities for them to make sacks. Just as long as somebody on the line gets it, I'm fine with it," Bowers said.

But make no mistake, there's competition between the cousins to see who gets the most sacks. The competition is one they both hope to continue having on Sundays. Each is complimentary of one another's physical tools, hoping that it could translate to success in the NFL.

"For his size, he's got a lot of speed. He's physical. It's hard to find a defensive end that can run and be as physical as he can," Sapp said.

"(His size and speed) that's got first round written all over it," Bowers said. "You're not going to find many guys with his size and height that can run like him. He's one of the fastest defensive ends in the nation."

"He's taught me most everything I know. When I get down, it's him that picks me up. I'm just thankful for that." Top Stories