Boyd, Diehl putting in the extra work

CLEMSON - As if two and half hours weren't long enough to practice on Thursday and Friday, Tajh Boyd and Chad Diehl stayed behind, putting in some extra work with one another.

A little sweatier, dirtier and tired, they were the last two to walk off the practice field, put in their two players to add their cents to the media and trek to the West End Zone. Diehl worked on the intricacies of catching from the tight end and fullback positions and Boyd on his footwork and throwing those routes.

"At my position, we've got a lot of guys," Diehl said. "I want to stay behind and work on my hands… I'm not used to playing receiver and catching the ball. It's a good thing to work on as well as him throwing."

Though he gets help from his fellow quarterbacks when he's got a question, Boyd said he could always use the extra work to get better on the field and in his head.

"I'm just trying to get everything down as much as I can—perfection really," Boyd said.

Diehl has been serving as a mentor of sorts to the highly touted freshman. Whether he's telling Boyd which Lil' Wayne song to check out or how a play works, the two have become buddies.

"He's a good person to be around. I've just kind of stuck with him," Boyd said.
,br> At times, Diehl will line up at wide receiver, doing his best to run a fade route or "something into the back of the end zone."

"I'm not the best at running those kinds of routes, but I do my best for him," Diehl said.

With little experience at catching the ball in game situations, Diehl is putting the extra work in to be ready for the catches he'll make in the next few seasons. The work, he said, is starting to pay off, though he wants to show more consistency.

Mostly what he's focused on is catching and turning up field with the proper ball security.

"I've caught the ball in the backyard. As far as during games, I'm not really used to it," he said. "I'm OK when it comes to throwing and catching. But when I'm catching and tucking, worrying about who's around you in coverage, I have a lot to improve in that area."

Most of the plays they've worked on are off play action. Boyd is focusing the repetitions on improving his footwork.

"It's good to have somebody that will stay behind and help you practice," he said.

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