Aggressiveness back on the OL

CLEMSON - He should get more touches than CJ Spiller, Jacoby Ford, Willy Korn and Kyle Parker this year.

Center Mason Cloy probably won't score a touchdown anytime soon but he'll surely play a big part in helping pave the way for several trips to pay dirt in 2009.

Apart of an offensive line that returns starters at all five positions, Cloy said the unit's continuity should go a long way in improving its play.

"We've worked together for a year now. It gives us knowledge of each other's abilities like where we need help," he said." I know what to expect from Thomas (Austin) when we double team somebody. I know what to expect from (Antoine) McClain.

"It's one of those things that's kind of unspoken--just knowing what each other will do."

All the pre-season accolades, nominations, expectations and hype that have surrounded Spiller's senior campaign don't mean much to Cloy.

"The hype, we don't really care about that. We know what he can do. We know his ability, his eyes for the field, his speed and ability to cut back," he said.

Spiller's presence in the back field makes Cloy's job that much easier.

"It gives us confidence knowing that our hard work is going to pay off because there is somebody behind us working as hard as we are to get to the end zone. That's definitely a confidence builder for us," he said.

The changes that have occurred around Clemson have gone a long way in making a more confident Mason Cloy. He's bought in to Coach Dabo Swinney's all in mentality and believes it has created a lot more attack in this year's team.

"Coach Swinney has brought a lot of energy to the team…it's hard to explain. Its energy, focus and hard work, everybody is giving it," Cloy said. "Nobody is slacking off here. It seems like we're getting a lot more done and getting a lot more focused towards our goals."

A Clemson team that shows more aggression should lead to a Clemson team with more wins. Cloy believes the mentality of being aggressive and attacking will make for better results on Saturdays.

"I kind of feel like we've had some lingering, passive tendencies," he said. "Coach Swinney is stopping that out quick. Everything is aggressive and head on. I feel if we keep on this trend we're going to have a more aggressive team and be more successful." Top Stories