Quick Hits with Kyle Parker

CLEMSON - CUTigers talks with Kyle Parker after Clemson's first major scrimmage of preseason camp.


Kyle Parker led his team to the only touchdown of Tuesday's preseason scrimmage in completing a 39-yard touchdown pass to Durrell Barry. Overall he finished 8-of-18 passing for 97 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions.

CUTigers caught up with the redshirt freshman shortly after the scrimmage concluded:

How did it go out there for you today?
Parker: It went pretty well. When you come out here against our defense it's going to be pretty tough. We are just picking stuff up. But the defense is always ahead of the offense at the beginning but we are getting better.

What did you feel like you did well with and what do you still need to work on?
Parker: I made some throws and then I made some bad decisions, but again it's the first scrimmage. Probably just need to be more consistent so that coaches can know what to expect when I'm running the offense.

Is that the biggest thing you need to work on right now - decision making?
Parker: It's not really something you can really work on. It just comes with time. Every rep and every time I'm out there I'm getting a little better and trying to learn from my mistakes and trying to make the best of everything.

How much have you learned since spring practice?
Parker: A whole lot. Coming into the spring I really hadn't gotten many reps and they just threw me. But I've been progressing every practice and getting a little bit better every day.

How much easier is it for you to be out here now not worrying about baseball?
Parker: It's a whole lot easier. I have more time to give for football and pay more attention to the little things I need to do. I have a lot more energy out here and a lot more focus on football.

Kyle Parker completed 8-of-18 passes for 97 yards and a touchdown Tuesday morning during the first major scrimmage of preseason camp.
Which of the receivers stood out to you today?
Parker: A couple of guys made plays. I know Brandon Ford caught a couple of balls. The tight ends - Durrell Barry caught a long [touchdown] pass. Michael Palmer caught a couple of passes. They all did pretty good. It's tough on the tight ends right now because they are having to run a whole lot. But they are learning how to play through some adversity.

What is your comfort level right now with the offense?
Parker: I'm real comfortable with it. I know everything that we have in and I've ran it before. It's just a matter of time in getting out there and getting all the reps. As time goes by, my comfort level with the offense would grow. I like our offense- it's a good system.

It seems like you and Willy are rotating a good bit with the first and second team. Does that make it more difficult for you to establish any kind of rhythm?
Parker: Yes- it does. The biggest thing is just getting reps with a different group of guys every time because you don't know which lineman is going to be where or which receiver is going to be where. It's kind of different. But we have to deal with it. ... Willy has to deal with it too.

If you could grade yourself on today's performance, what would you say?
Parker: Grade myself? I have no idea? We won. We won today. So ... that's an 'A' I guess. We are going to come back at 5:30 for film review so I'll know more after that.

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