Pearman sends a message

CLEMSON - Clemson offensive tackles/tight ends coach Danny Pearman believes football is a performance business. And after Tuesday's scrimmage, he wasn't happy with the performance at tackle.

"We got whipped today… I know we made way too many errors to be satisfied with what we did today," he told CUTigers.

That's why Pearman was disappointed with how the offensive tackles performed during Tuesday's scrimmage. He won't concede Clemson's strength at defensive end as a reason for what he thought was a poor performance during Tuesday's scrimmage.

Especially with what the rest of the ACC will bring to the table this coming season.

"Everybody else has good defensive ends," he said, "Florida State plays with good defensive ends. Virginia Tech plays with good defensive ends. North Carolina plays with good defensive ends.

"There's an All-American at TCU that plays defensive end. Just because we have good defensive ends it doesn't mean the other team won't have them."

Chris Hairston, who Coach Dabo Swinney called one of the more valuable players on the team, has a firm hold on left tackle. There's question as to who will back him up.

Phillip Price was moved to left tackle from tight end earlier this week. Brandon Thomas and Jamarcus Grant will also get some looks.

With Price's size, athletic ability and demeanor, Swinney believes he could have a future at the position in the NFL.

"I could be getting a phone call from (Price) one day, thanking me for moving him there," Swinney said.

A 6-5, 270-pounder, Price has been very conscious of his weight since he was a tight end, Swinney said. He believes Price could easily pack on another 15 pounds by the middle of the season.

"I told him he needs to just keep eating so he can put on those extra pounds," Swinney said.

There's also question about who will start at right tackle. Cory Lambert and Landon Walker are currently battling for the starting nod.

"I'm a little concerned at right tackle," Swinney said. "They both do some good things, but we've got a competitive situation right there."

Though there are several bodies ready to fill right tackle and provide depth on the left side, Pearman wasn't pleased with what he saw on Tuesday.

"If you were at this scrimmage, you wouldn't feel good about them doing much of anything today," he said. "They've got a long way to go. We'll see what we've got. But we've got a lot of work to do."

Now, the ball is in the coaches' court to help correct the mistakes and get the tackles better before Saturday's scrimmage.

"You go back to practice in the morning. This is our first scrimmage and we've got to do some things to help them," Pearman said. "We'll do that but we've got a lot of work to do." Top Stories