Quick hits with Willy Korn

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com speaks with Willy Korn a day after the first scrimmage of preseason camp.

After splitting reps on the first team with Kyle Parker during Tuesday's scrimmage, Willy Korn felt good with his performance at Wednesday morning's practice. In fact he said it may have been one of his best practices at Clemson.

Here's more from the redshirt sophomore in another edition of Quick Hits:

What were some of the things you felt you needed to work on coming into this first practice after the scrimmage?
Korn: Probably the biggest thing was getting it to my running backs quicker. Not waiting so long. We ran a lot of deep passing routes yesterday. I think, maybe sometimes, waited too long for those plays to develop. The guys we have at the running back position, I just have to get it into their hands. I think I can do a better job of checking down to the running backs.

Was that something you caught on film? Did you know right after the scrimmage that you wanted to improve it?
Korn: Watching film helped me see that. It wasn't that they were huge mistakes. Offensively, I think we will play a lot better on Saturday than what we did yesterday.

What do you think about your progress has been like since the beginning of camp?
Korn: I'm throwing as well as I have in my entire life. I felt like this morning was one of my best practices in my career. I'm feeling really good, really confident. I'm just going to keep working.

Where's the confidence coming from? Getting a lot of repetitions in practice?
Korn: It's the productivity. Hitting the seam balls 30 yards down field between safeties and making a couple of big throws gives you a lot of confidence. I'm throwing the ball really well.

"I just try to do my best, have fun, come out to practice with a good attitude, be enthusiastic and just control the things I feel that I can control."
Are any of the young receivers really sticking out to you right now?
Korn: Jaron Brown, the past two or three days he's been catching everything that's in his area. He's been doing a good job getting open and making plays. I can't say enough about him. He's come along really nice.

Looking at the stats from the scrimmage yesterday, there were a lot of balls to the tight ends. Are they going to play more of a role this year?
Korn: That's one of the advantages we have on our offense. Guys like Michael Palmer, Dwayne Allen and Durrell Barry are as good pass catchers as our receivers. Anytime you get a those guys matched on a linebacker you are going take that shot. They're going to be a big part of our passing game this year.

How do you feel about the battle at quarterback? Do you feel good about it? Do you think about it a lot?
Korn: I just focus on me. I just try to do my best, have fun, come out to practice with a good attitude, be enthusiastic and just control the things I feel that I can control. Whatever the end result is going to be, in the competition, I've just got to focus on me.

Looking at your old high school, do you feel Byrnes has taken it to another level with how good they've gotten since you've been there?
Korn: It's ridiculous. Six out of the last seven state championships, it's unbelievable to be a part of something like that.

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