Beasley knows where he's going

ADAIRSVILLE, Ga. - If there was any debate who the fastest Adairsville HS (GA) player was, then linebacker/tight end Vic Beasley settled the argument Thursday night.

LB/TE Victor Beasley Profile

Racing six of his teammates, Beasley won the 40-yard sprint contest Coach Jim Kremer called after practice.

"Ready, set…"

Beasley by a step and a half.

"Vic might possess more athletic ability than probably any kid I've been around," Kremer told CUTigers. "He's going to be as good as he wants to be. If he wants to be super, he'll be super.

"If he performs the best he can, he won't shock me at all because his ability is just unreal."

Whether it's Clemson or Alabama, one school will pick up a commitment from the three star, No. 37-ranked outside linebacker prospect.

Though his mind has already been made, Beasley gave no indication of his school of choice and will announce Friday morning at 8 whether it's the Crimson Tide or Tigers.

"I already know where I'm going," he said, with a smile reaching from ear to ear. "I'm not nervous about (Friday) at all."

Kremer, who coached Warren Sapp at Apopka HS (FL), can only compare Beasley and Sapp in one way—intelligence.

"Both of them are intelligent kids. Vic is very smart. He's got a 3.0 in honors classes. He's got an impeccable character about himself," Kremer said.

Vic Beasley is pictured after winning a 40-yard sprint Thursday night against six of his teammates.
Beasley is 6-4 217 pounds. Sapp is a few inches shorter and a lot thicker.

"Some of the smaller schools didn't even recruit (Sapp). Vic obviously possesses more athletic ability," Kremer said.

Sapp, who starred as a defensive tackle at Miami and in the NFL and as a guest on ‘Dancing with the Stars', is a different kind of football player than Beasley. Though he played tight end and outside linebacker at Apopka, Kremer said his athletic build caused many college recruiters to look elsewhere.

Unlike Beasley, who Kremer refers to as a statue, Sapp never passed anyone's eye test.

One look at Beasley and you know he's a football player.

That, to go along with his athletic ability, gives Kremer every reason to believe that Beasley has the potential to play many positions at Clemson or Alabama.

"If they have him at H-back, he could be unbelievable," Kremer said. "Of course, I'm a defense guy so I think defensive end maybe. I think Vic is going to end up being 250-260. He's just going to grow. He just turned 17-years-old. Eventually they're going to play him at stack or put his hand down."

"He's a solid kid, no doubt about it. A great kid," Kremer said.

One of the leaders of the 2009 Adairsville Tigers football team, Beasley doesn't do his leading by talking, but by example.

"Wherever Vic is going, a lot of people are following him," Kremer said. Top Stories