Beasley Happy to Stay a Tiger

ADAIRSVILLE, GA - Vic Beasley will remain a Tiger upon graduation from Adairsville HS (GA).

The three star, No. 37 ranked outside linebacker prospect could play either linebacker or tight end when he trades in the green and gold of Adairsville HS for the orange and purple of Clemson.

"Once a Tiger, always a Tiger," said Victor Beasley, Vic's dad, who played free safety at Auburn.

The elder Beasley held an Alabama hat and Vic's mom, Teresa, held a Clemson hat in the Adairsville HS library.

Vic's commitment to Clemson is the Tigers' 17th for the 2010 class.

There was question as to which hat he would chose. Though he was close to committing to Alabama not long ago, Clemson was able to push its way to the top.

"I thought for a moment there, he was going to Alabama," Victor said. "Anywhere he would have gone, I'm proud of him. I don't care what school… I'm just proud of him."

It was somewhere in the 10th grade when Victor began preaching to Vic the priorities he should have when looking at playing in college: hard work and academics.

"You can play ball, but get your education. School is first. That's the main thing," Victor said. "Playing ball…that will fall into place."

With two friends who've already committed to Clemson, Desmond Brown and Demont Buice, Vic said he hadn't let either know he'll be joining them in Tigertown next year. Nobody was getting a sneak peak of which hat he was going to pick.

"Desmond sent me a text message, but I didn't reply. I was going to wait and let it be a surprise," Vic said. The upgrades to facilities, a loud stadium and Howard's Rock all appealed to Beasley when he decided between Clemson and Alabama. Two days ago, Vic decided Clemson was the place for him. After some prayer and thought, Clemson was the place. It felt like home.

"When I visited Clemson, I just felt so at home. I felt really relaxed there," he said. Vic said he would like to play on the offensive side of the ball. Dad thinks that's going to be the best fit.

"The way the tight end position is going right now he can spread the offense out with his style," Victor said. "He could play in the slot, do everything to the defense. You can't guard him."

Whatever side of the ball it is, Vic's just happy it's going to be in Death Valley. He hoped to show his excitement throughout the school day with his hat.

"It's going to be pretty hard (to take it off)," Vic said. "Hopefully, the principal will let me rock it today. If not, I'll definitely be wearing it around outside of school."

As Vic thought back to what had gotten him to the Adairsville HS library that day, in front of his teammates, coaches and school faculty and staff, he thanked the two people flanking him to the left and right.

"I just want to give it all back to my parents," he said, "They raised me up and made me the man I am today." Top Stories