Updated Dandy Dozen

This time of year, the recruiting boards are littered with threads discussing the in-state recruiting battle. Today we update our Dandy Dozen; these are the top 12 players in South Carolina that we will track to see how the Tigers and Gamecocks are doing with in-state prospects in 2003.

The Dandy Dozen
RankingRecruitVisitsBest ChanceCommitment
1Eric YoungClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)Open
2Demetris SummersSC (1/17), Clemson (1/24)SC
3Maurice NelsonClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)Clemson
4Syvelle NewtonClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)SC
5Noah WhitesideClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)Open
6Marcus HowardClemson (1/10) Georgia
7Rodney KinlawClemson (1/10)Clemson
8Ryan BrownClemson (1/10), SC (1/17)SC
9Marion Dukes Clemson (1/10)ClemsonClemson
10Anthony McDanielClemson (1/10)ClemsonClemson
11Terrell AllenClemson (1/10) Pittsburgh
12Sergio GilliamClemson (1/10)ClemsonClemson
Honorable Mention: Tremaine Billie, Demetrius Morant, Tray Rogers, Jad Dean
Commit Count: Clemson - 3, SC - 0, Other - 2

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