Q&A with Chris McDuffie

Chris McDuffie, a standout offensive lineman out of Hargrave Military Academy, committed to the Tigers earlier today. Which position will he play, what schools offered him, and why did he choose Clemson? Those questions and more are answered in this extensive report.

We knew all along that there would be several prospects that stayed under the radar until the very end of the recruiting process. Hargrave Military Academy's Chris McDuffie certainly appears to be one of those players.

McDuffie spent most of this past year playing as an offensive tackle, even though he played on the defensive line in high school. At 6-5, 310 pounds, McDuffie certainly has the physical attributes that you'd like to see in a lineman, but his biggest asset may be his pure speed.

"He's a great pass and run blocker," said Hargrave coach Robert Prunty. "His biggest asset is his speed. We've had him as low as 4.9 at 315 pounds. He could play either offensive line or defensive tackle; I'm not sure where Clemson wants him yet."

Here's the latest on Clemson's newest verbal commitment, in this extensive Q&A session:

Which schools offered you this year?
McDuffie: East Carolina, Central Michigan, and FSU was showing some interest. FSU didn't offer me but they were showing a lot of interest at one point.

Which position do you think you'll play at Clemson?
McDuffie: Right now, I'd say offensive tackle. That's what I played this past year, and they basically just told me to come in and get ready to play.

When will you be enrolling at Clemson?
McDuffie: This fall, and I'll have four years of eligibility when I get there.

Who was your main recruiter?
McDuffie: Coach Theilen Smith. He's a great guy, we got a long real well.

How did your official visit go last weekend?
McDuffie: It was great. We got to rub the rock and run down the hill. I just felt real comfortable about it and really had a good time down there.

What position did you play this past season?
McDuffie: I played at offensive tackle. It was kind of hard at first because I was used to playing defense in high school, I had never played offense at first. It didn't take me long to get used to it, so when the coaches would watch film of me this year, you know they were wondering why I was doing some of the things I was- and it's because I wasn't used to playing on the offensive line.

What made you decide to commit today?
McDuffie: I just felt comfortable there after my official visit. It just really stuck with me that they told me that I was going to get my degree first and play football second. I just felt like I just fit in there. I got really used to the people down there and it seems like they just want to have fun. It was all those things.

Did the coaches talk to you about what you need to do before you get to Clemson?
McDuffie: Yeah, they mainly just said to get into the weight room and work out. They didn't really say anything about playing early, they just said to get in the weight room and work.

Are you done taking all of your visits?
McDuffie: Yes sir, I'm done. Clemson was the only visit I took, and I'm not taking anymore. I'm going to Clemson.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Chris for taking the time to speak with us. It sounds like the Tigers picked up an outstanding prospect here!

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