Boyd will be there just in case

CLEMSON - All of Tajh Boyd's expectations for this year will be put on pause this season as he wears a red-shirt.

His development as a quarterback will be coupled with the rehabilitation of his knee, making sure it's 100 percent ready to go in the spring.

"He's the guy that's got to be paying attention and learning through mental reps," said Coach Dabo Swinney after Wednesday's practice.

Boyd will see a lot of repetitions during throwing periods for the defense. During offensive team work, Swinney said Boyd will be around for the majority of the time to learn and be groomed.

"We're going to take him with us on all the trips. He'll be in every meeting," Swinney said. "Anything can happen. We've got to keep continuing to get him mentally further along."

CUTigers talked with Boyd about this season and how he's adjusting to his change in lifestyle both on and off the field:

It's pretty much written in stone for you right now that you're going to red-shirt. Is that the case?
Boyd: That's pretty much it right there unless something happens during the season. But I'm just trying to keep myself prepared.

Are you running the scout team as the defense gets ready for Middle Tennessee?
Boyd: I don't do the scout team. I just stick with the team and try to learn the plays. When they are doing the ones and twos, I'm just watching trying to go over everything mentally.

Do you get any repetitions with the first or second group?
Boyd: I'm just watching right now. They're trying to buckle down for the season. I have to understand that. Anytime I do get an opportunity I'll have to take advantage of it.

Is it going to be like this throughout the season, you watching?
Boyd: I'm not sure yet. I'm just trying to better myself everyday…just trying to push it.

"I'm just watching right now. They're trying to buckle down for the season. I have to understand that. Anytime I do get an opportunity I'll have to take advantage of it," Boyd said.
Assuming there are no injuries into the season, would you like to be the guy that's on the scout team that's trying the defense the best looks as possible?
Boyd: Definitely. If I can be the best guy to help them prepare for the games, I'll definitely do whatever it takes. This is a great group of guys. Anything I can do to help prepare the team for the next week, I'll do it.

With school going now for you, what have these first couple of weeks been like for you?
Boyd: Really busy. I'm sleepy all the time. We have to go to study hall and everything like that. It's kind of crazy right now, but I know it's going to simmer down.

Have you decided on a major yet?
Boyd: I'm still undecided right now.

What kinds of classes are you taking right now?
Boyd: Sociology, English, Biology and Theatre.

Which one is your favorite so far?
Boyd: Theatre has the most work in it right now. I like sociology though; it's a pretty cool class.

How do you have the most work in Theatre?
Boyd: We had two nights to do a rough draft paper. We had to watch a screen play about and I had to go rent a movie called ‘Othello'. It's a three and half hour screen play. I have to do that tonight and write a three page critique paper. I'm going to have to be up until like, 10:30 or 11 doing that so I can be ready for it (Thursday).

You haven't been to a game in Death Valley yet. Are you starting to think about that more often?
Boyd: I'm really looking forward to it. I know it's going to be great. Top Stories