No worries for Thompson

CLEMSON - No more than a day after Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney said Brandon Thompson won't have to worry about catching interceptions with his broken right hand did Thompson put one on the ground in practice on Thursday.

Thompson's 300 pound body will be relied on more as a run stopper and pass rusher up the middle, not as a ball hawking cover man dropping back into a zone or following a skill player out of the backfield. The hand, which he broke during practice last week, is doing just fine, club and all.

"I'm going to be in this for a couple of more days and then I think I'm going to move into a soft cast to get ready for September 5," he said after Thursday's practice.

The break, Thompson said, is in the same spot that he broke last season, which he injured sometime during the early part of the 2008 campaign.

Unsure of exactly how he broke it this time, Thompson said he didn't notice anything until Saturday morning when he noticed the knot.

"I'm not sure (how) I think I just fell on it the wrong way," he said.

At first, the club affected his ability to shed blockers. Now, Thompson has gotten used to it. "I've learned how to come off the ball the right way with the hand," he said.

A right hander, Thompson believes it has actually allowed him to improve the use of his left hand.

"I really use this as a tool to get better with my (left) hand," he said. "As soon as I get my right hand back, I'm back where I was at."

The club comes off after practice and is replaced with a soft cast. Thompson said he's able to use the hand when he takes notes in class or is typing a paper.

Swinney said by Sept. 5, Thompson will have the use of all his fingers and thumb.

"He'll just have a cast on his hand, probably for the first few ball games," Swinney said. "He should be able to have all movement in fingers and thumbs."

No surgery will be required. Top Stories