Ford, Parker working on timing

Jacoby Ford understood there was no need to rush back to full participation during practice while waiting on his hamstring to return to 100 percent.

He had no problems fighting the urge to speed up transition from a yellow jersey to a green one and from a green one to orange or white. After missing scrimmages and repetitions with the first group throughout much of fall camp, Ford didn't want to sell his teammates short.

"If I couldn't give the team my all out I wouldn't want to come back," Ford said.

The hamstring, he said, has a little knot although it shouldn't bother him at all, since he's had a knot there before. Now, as he's back to full speed in practice this week, Ford is chomping at the bit for Saturday's season opener.

"I'm really excited. Every time somebody says something about the game I get a little tingling inside and just like a really happy feeling," he said. "I just can't wait to get out there this week and make some plays."

Having absorbed no contact so far this fall, Ford said that will probably change this week.

"I'll probably get hit in practice this week I'm pretty sure because they haven't touched me all camp and I've just been talking trash to them," he said.

Along starting quarterback Kyle Parker, Ford said he's been talking with Parker about where he prefers to see the ball when its thrown. "I've been getting my timing down a lot more. I've been telling (Parker) some things about where to put the ball. He's been telling me a few things, too," Ford said. "I think we've got a good coordination how we want to get the offense rolling. The ball gets out of there pretty quick. I like it. The ball gets there really good."

Impressed with Parker's presence and poise in the pocket, Ford said pressure from blitzing defenses doesn't faze the Tigers' freshman quarterback.

"It's just second nature to him," Ford said. "I like that in a quarterback. He'll run if he really needs to but he likes to stay in there and make the throw."

He's also impressed with Parker's toughness.

"That's one good quality I like about him. He'll take a hit," Ford said.

One of the fastest athletes in college sports today, he's not concerned about Parker over throwing him on a deep ball.

Parker's job, according to Ford: throw it deep and let me run under it.

"He definitely has that arm. I told him, if we have a deep ball just throw it out there. If we miss it we miss it," Ford said. "Throw it so I won't have to stop my feet and I can just run to the ball. He tells me, ‘all right I'll do it.' It's kind of like a little challenge I have with him right now." Top Stories