Jones proves he's ready

CLEMSON - Marquan Jones didn't want to squander first chance at scoring a touchdown at Clemson in the third quarter against Middle Tennessee.

With a light rain falling, not hauling in the Kyle Parker's 33-yard pass crossed Jones' mind. One might wonder how a receiver who caught eight touchdown passes in a high school game could second guess himself in the moment right before scoring a touchdown.

"I was worried about securing the catch," Jones said. "I don't want to have my first impression dropping one in the end zone. That's rule number one. Don't drop it in the end zone.

After a 38-yard catch later in the fourth quarter and he'd already surpassed his 37 receiving yards last year. Even with a rejuvenated confidence from the touchdown, the same thought crossed his mind; don't drop it.

"I was thinking touchdown, I didn't feel the corner behind me," Jones said. "The same process, basically."

That's law around the Clemson receiving corp—no drops. After four drops by other Clemson receivers on Saturday, the law was reiterated by coaches at Sunday's practice.

"Once it was brought up, we left it alone and moved on," Jones said.

His name was mentioned by coaches continuously throughout fall camp during Jacoby Ford's absence. Making the two long catches could go a long way in securing a more defined role in the offense. Instead of just one other receiver emerging as a go to guy, Jones hopes his fellow receivers are able take advantage of their opportunities like he did.

Three or four other wide receivers making significant contributions would be better than just one other to compliment Ford.

"Not only me, but all of us so you not only say we have another guy but a wide receiver corps," Jones said.

Question marks surrounded the receivers heading into the opener. Now, those questions may be more magnified after the drops. Ford is confident things will turn around.

"We just have to calm down a little bit," he said.

Fortunately for Ford and the Clemson offense, Parker remained clam.

"(Parker) kept telling me, ‘I'm going to keep coming to you. I'm going to keep throwing the ball to you.' That was really encouraging," Ford said.

Ford finished with 70 yards on three catches, including a 43-yard touchdown. He believes there's a real chemistry brewing with Parker.

"We hang out quite a bit. He lives around the corner from me…it's always a good thing to have a chemistry with a quarterback both on and off the field," Ford said. Top Stories