Letters to the Publisher

With all the madness of the last week, today we release another "Letters to the Publisher." Today, we focus on some of the potential sleepers in the 2003 class, as well as which players might be able to avoid a redshirt next season.

What's the latest on Demetrius Morant?
CUTigers: We talked with Crestwood assistant coach Brian Jackson earlier this week, and there is no new information to report with Morant's situation at this time. He is still drawing interest from several of the smaller colleges in North and South Carolina.

What are our chances with Demetris Summers?
CUTigers: Good question. Summers is giving Clemson a chance by officially visiting this weekend. Since this is one of only two official visits that he'll take, Clemson is certainly in the picture. Brad Scott has been close to Summers for quite some time, whether that's enough to make him want to leave Columbia- we'll have to wait and see.

What are our chances with Eric Young?
CUTigers: Good, but we won't know the definite answer until signing day when he makes his announcement public. Big E is visiting Tennessee this weekend, but as you already know by now, it's going to come down to Clemson and Carolina here.

Any concern about not landing Noah Whiteside?
CUTigers: Not really. Whiteside will get the opportunity to see more early playing time in Columbia then he would in Clemson, which may be better for him. The Gamecocks need receivers- Clemson needs linemen. Losing Whiteside is not something to get rattled about at this point in time.

Do you think Tremaine Billie will get moved to the secondary?
CUTigers: Probably, but he's indicated time and time again that Clemson recruited him specifically at running back. Billie has sub 4.4 speed, so it would make sense to see how he does in the offensive backfield first. I think he'll get a hard look at running back before any position switch is seriously considered.

Who's the next verbal commitment that could fall?
CUTigers: I'd say probably Woodly Telfort.

Will Clemson offer Curtis Rice?
CUTigers: Coach Stockstill has been straight up with Rice about their situation at linebacker this year, and from what Rice has said, it will probably take someone falling off the list in order for Rice to get a scholarship offer. David Hines is one name that comes to mind.

Do you think C.J. Gaddis will redshirt next season?
CUTigers: Yes, he'll get a year to learn the offense and figure out whether or not he'll stay at quarterback through the course of his 5 years at Clemson. Looking at all the skill positions Gaddis could play, there's really no reason to force him into action next season.

Will this be a top 20 class this year?
CUTigers: I'd say if Clemson was able to land Eric Young, and one or two more top players, then yes it could easily be in the top 20. Young will be key though.

Is Brian Staley going to South Carolina this weekend on an official visit?
CUTigers: No, the Tigers' lone 5-star prospect in the 2003 class will not be officially visiting Columbia this weekend. He is firm with Clemson and is no longer considering the Gamecocks.

Are Curtis Rice and Eric Young a "package" deal?
CUTigers: This is a popular question right now simply because Rice has now scheduled an official visit to South Carolina. Let's put it this way, if Clemson were to offer Curtis Rice, it would in no way shape or form, hurt the recruitment of his good friend, Eric Young. These two could very well end up at different schools, but I think it's safe to assume that they would like to play their college football together.

Is there any chance that any of incoming freshman avoid a redshirt?
CUTigers: Yes, watch the situation on the offensive line. Tommy Bowden won't make the same mistake twice and redshirt an entire class of linemen. With all the injuries and difficulties the Tigers went through in the trenches last season, he wants that depth to be there, and we could see one or two guys play as true freshmen next season.

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